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act of exchanging favors for mutual gain

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rotating a log rapidly in the water (as a competitive sport)

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Gordon Tullock, the famous public-choice theorist, explained how this logrolling can produce policies that few people really want and impose a net cost for each citizen.
57) But the laws of most states take away even this more limited opportunity for logrolling by restricting ballot initiatives to a single subject.
Mason traces the logrolling set in motion between Jerdan and Bernard Barton.
433) For him, "[b]ack-scratching and logrolling are signs of a healthy political system, not a corrupt one.
The complicated nature of American agricultural policy is not just an example of poor draftsmanship or an object lesson in the vagaries of logrolling, it is a boon to those who are the direct beneficiaries.
In response to Congressional logrolling, "flexible tariff" authority was slipped into the Act to enable the President to modify rates after it was passed, sometimes by as much as 50 percent.
BOSTON -- With the former chief of the trial court on the stand, the defense in the trial of three former Probation Department managers attempted Wednesday to show him acting in much the same way the defendants behaved, hiring a politically connect job-seeker with questionable qualifications and logrolling for his brother.
The court then stated the beneficial aspects of the single-subject rule, noting that it facilitated orderly procedure, avoided surprise, prevented logrolling, raised awareness of legislation for the public and members of the legislature, and helped preserve the separation of powers.
This strategy succeeded with NAFTA, though barely: once the American public began to learn what was in the agreement, the Clinton White House and NAFTA proponents in Congress had to resort to all-out deception, bribery, and political arm-twisting and logrolling to push it through.
As Professor Millard Ruud explains, "[t]he primary and universally recognized purpose of the one-subject rule is to prevent logrolling in the enactment of laws--the practice of several minorities combining their several proposals as different provisions of a single bill and thus consolidating their votes so that a majority is obtained for the omnibus bill where perhaps no single proposal of each minority could have obtained majority approval separately.
Critics have always had to be interrogated this way (what dendritic history of logrolling lay behind the rave about that book?
9) One of the ways in which the already rich can serve the poor is to work to ensure that our trade with poor countries really is free--free from political logrolling by politicians desperate for votes, free from opportunistic lobbying by industries such as US sugar and cotton, and free from the harm to the global poor that well-intentioned rich Northerners like us can sometimes bring.
So common was this practice that it got a popular name, universally understood, as logrolling.
As Heller and Hills recapitulate Madison's argument, a large and diverse polity such as a big city is likely to feature a wide variety of pressure groups that forge shifting governing coalitions through logrolling (i.
The research team found logrolling to be an effective technique for resolving partial impasse.