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act of exchanging favors for mutual gain

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rotating a log rapidly in the water (as a competitive sport)

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at 1245 (noting that congressional logrolling itself may produce "more efficient or public-regarding legislation"); id.
Were both houses of Congress to utilize the deem-and-pass procedure, the dangers inherent in logrolling would become acute.
It only happened because there was no logrolling, there was no appropriator looking at you saying that if you take this one down, your earmark will be taken out in conference.
The key to reform lies with the Democratic and Republican leadership, which must restrain their instincts for logrolling, turf protection and petty politics in handling these sensitive committees
Logrolling among representatives in parliaments (under a rule of universalism) ensures that such pork barrel politics remains stable and income redistribution occurs from the districts of the losing coalition to those of the winning coalition.
Snyder suggests further that the system may become so rigid--either through logrolling or cognitive dissonance--that the actors may misinterpret or ignore information pointing to overextension and end up with policies that harm the very interest groups that promoted them.
Even before his tender offer has concluded, Icahn may begin logrolling for board representation among shareholder activists, institutional investors, and the firms who support such initiatives.
A higher level of government spending, an overgrazing of the fiscal commons, is the result as logrolling politicians collude to support each other's projects.
Kolko can also bring to mind the 18th-century agrarian John Taylor of Caroline, whom Wilson once described as representing "both a conservative allegiance to local community and inherited ways and a radical-populist suspicion of capitalism, 'progress,' government and routine logrolling politics.
Students should learn to achieve trade-offs in multi-party negotiations through circular logrolling and reciprocal trade-offs.
It is perhaps worth noting that logrolling is a condemnatory term, used with special force for initiatives.
Distributive policy is not particularly important to party reputation and is generally crafted in a bipartisan process characterized by extensive logrolling (Adler 2002; Mayhew 1974; Shepsle and Weingast 1981).
Our logrolling, our stumps and their politics, our fisheries, the wrath of rogues, and the pusillanimity of honest men, the northern trade, the southern planting, the western clearing, Oregon, and Texas, are yet unsung.
Exclusionary nationalism that generates enemy images or perceptions of conflicts of interest with other states; pressure-group politics by military, ethnic, or economic groups that seek a parochial benefit from policies that raise international tensions; logrolling among elite factions that include such groups; persuasion and outreach by such groups to garner mass allies; ineffectual brokerage of political bargains by the ruling elite; contradictory and unconvincing signaling in foreign affairs; the use of aggressive foreign policies by groups gambling for domestic political resurrection; the use of partial or complete media domination to promote nationalist ideology; and nationalist bidding wars between old elites and rising mass groups.