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Synonyms for logrolling

act of exchanging favors for mutual gain

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rotating a log rapidly in the water (as a competitive sport)

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The leader of the pack, seven-time World Logrolling Champion Judy Hoeschler, comes from a family of champion logrollers.
It kinda blows people's minds when they see we're logrollers and none of us fit the Paul Bunyan image.
Someday they, too, hope to settle down and raise their own families of little logrollers.
Richard Le Gallienne, who had flown the clerk's high stool, fled the Liverpool penitentiary of the mathematics, for London and a coruscant beginning as poet, John Lane's reader, powerful logroller critic of the Star, and who, defying his generation's curse, was to survive to the age of eighty-one, albeit his last forty-seven years evaporating ingloriously in a haze of hack-work in America and France.