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work toward the passage of some legislation by exchanging political favors such as trading votes

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Minorities may be the victims of majority logrolls and even with repeat play might not have enough political capital to trade to protect their interests.
If members can vote indefinitely on a sequence of such proposals, a universal logroll is supported as an equilibrium by each legislator's belief that a vote against another's proposal would induce others to retaliate by offering an amendment to withdraw protection from the defector's district.
Small state Senators of the same party neither logroll with each other on behalf of their states' distinctive concerns, nor do they join forces against party caucus members from large states to press small state interests.
In order to logroll, therefore, the membership itself would have to condition passage of one project on the passage of another.
And they will logroll with one another just as they always have.
2] Weakening amendments can be killers in multidimensional settings, however, because the elimination of one provision of a logroll (for example) can lead to the loss of critical support (Ferejohn 1986).
But this party power is limited to process issues, and it does not work in cases in which it conflicts with a senator's desire to use the confirmation process as leverage to logroll and advance some of his or her own policy preferences.
He argues that Congress wanted not to avoid the logroll but to reduce foreign barriers alongside American tariffs because this would encourage exporter lobbying.
A successful logroll implies an intense minority in favor of the deal facing a relatively indifferent hostile majority.
According to the distributive view, restrictive rules will be awarded to biased committees so as to protect the larger cooperative logroll from some majoritarian maverick with a mischievous floor amendment.
The readjustment in other programs if the coalition surrounding a small program were to collapse could be minimal, and the logrolls that brought it about would be of little consequence to most legislators.
Thus both conservatives and reformers had to settle for "saintly logrolls," settling for what enhanced legitimacy they could glean from association with the popular cause of abolition.
Such distributive logrolls appear to result in instrumental voting among those with high education levels, since they vote more strongly in favor of one such proposal if they live in a targeted area.
For efforts to explain the scope and nature of these legislative logrolls, see, for example, Fenno 1973; Mayhew 1974; Weingast and Marshall 1988; and Baron 1991.
The well-known logrolls of the 1960s between rural and urban districts yielding both food stamps and subsidies for agriculture are no longer the norm.