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a company emblem or device


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From typography, the book moves to logotype design, covering not only the typography aspect but the cultural differences in various countries - in terms of symbolic elements with many examples from all the world which can lead to unfortunate mistakes.
Despite the evident importance of research on such a wide-ranging and complex phenomenon of cultural and differences, hardly any attempt has been made until recently, hence in this paper we wanted to include studying the significance of English logotype influence [15]
According to the company, it has chosen to keep the name Apotek Hjartat but add ICA to the logotype to leverage the strength of two of Sweden's strongest brands.
The author of the Games' logotype is 35-year-old Adam Yunisov.
There were many of these logotypes that students could easily draw quite well from memory--attesting to the power of well-designed corporate signage.
The addition of the Atlas Copco logotype onto the Dynapac equipment is not only beneficial for the Construction Technique business area.
It's time to create your own logotype now that you made your list.
The F1 Logotype was registered in respect of goods and services in Classes 16, 38 and 41 covering, inter alia, the goods and services covered by the F1 Live application, as were the international registrations for the F1 word mark.
The new Silver Airways logotype is derived from the spinning propeller blades of a turboprop engine like those found on the Saab 340Bplus and Beechcraft 1900D aircraft that comprise the Silver Airways fleet.
The company said the name Silver Airways and its new distinctive logotype exemplifies the carrier's growth potential as well as its commitment to highly professional, safe and efficient operations.
While retaining the name, the logotype evolved from an inclined script to a stacked and contemporary one that conveys greater sophistication and shelf presence.
have created a bold and dynamic logotype whose personality did much to establish a more prominent position within the category.
To mark the new branding synergy, PipeLogix is unveiling a new logotype for the product that is a more modern design, with clean lines and straightforward imagery.
Other optical features include the SportDesign front apron with spoiler edge, painted in black, special sideskirts, also in black, and the Carrera GTS logotype on doors and rear lid, in black or silver depending on the body colour.
Our brand direction for the show was based on the graphic element of the EA Rhomboid, where all the angles match the degree incline from the logotype.