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pathologically excessive (and often incoherent) talking


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In my opinion, we can speak of logorrhea, which sounds even more paradoxical by being pronounced precisely by the Bastard, who is not characterized by linguistic economy either.
The patient exhibited mania-like symptoms: irritability, irascibility, psychomotor restlessness, logorrhea, high energy levels and decrease need for sleep, high-pitched voice, flight of ideas, as well as delirium involving grandeur thoughts.
it was reported that a 65-year old male patient started to have complaints including grandiose, paranoid delusions, insomnia, logorrhea and agitation for the first time following varenicline use in the first week and his complaints continued for the last one week, though he stopped using the drug.
The rapid and breathless pace puts her breath and speaking apparatus to the test, facing the spectator not with a calm representation but an intense performance of logorrhea.
Finally, Francesca Southerden discusses the poetic language within Vittorio Sereni and Andrea Zanzotto's poetry, arguing that both engage in complementary responses when confronting Dante's Paradiso; while Sereni deals with aphasia or dissolution of language, Zanzotto pursues logorrhea or linguistic excess.
Binx fumbles his way into a dialogue with others; Lance begins his narrative in a logorrhea directed at Fr.
Pollack's informal style is at times careless, and there are many instances of logorrhea.
Indeed, Professor Adler explicitly references Foucault in countering the commonly-held assumption that talking about a problem is the most effective means for its resolution; instead, according to Foucault, the communal logorrhea inherent in constantly discussing the problem merely advances a pre- existing cycle of repression.
These guys show no signs of physical abuse; apart from unshaven faces and nervous logorrhea, they appear to be in decent shape.
The positive notion of a degraded, calumniated individual (as Makia Wokwo) breaking free from the logorrhea of bastardity is muted in a stasis that breaks out into a too neat catastrophe, complete with a stage littered with corpses.
Piette makes the point that "most of these critics argued that the three characters in the play engage in sterile logorrhea instead of proceeding with the planned robbery precisely because, for them, talk is action" (92).
Like all historical data, the logorrhea of psycho-babblers needs to be evaluated in the context of other evidence.
Anything that encourages kids to spell properly is a good thing, though I'd settle for great instead of gr8, let alone words like xanthosis, effleurage and logorrhea.
As the final word on Nashe's logorrhea it is depressing.
Not just any words, however, but tongue-twisters such as logorrhea (excessive talkativeness), succedaneum (a substitute), and more--in competitive spelling bees.