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Synonyms for logomania

pathologically excessive (and often incoherent) talking


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The fervor of skate kids and the logomania of sneaker freaks met the tastes of public-art audiences and private collectors.
En este sentido, "la pretension occidental de construir de un modo logico satisfactorio la realidad se extiende paulatinamente a todos los sectores del conocimiento; una logomaquia, en muchas ocasiones una logomania, define a los occidentales modernos" (16) y, de esta forma, la sociologia va a contribuir, desde sus origenes, en esta ingente labor de renovacion y sustitucion de los valores e instituciones de la sociedad moderna, porque ella misma forma parte de ese proyecto que la potencia y estimula: la modernidad.
All right; but it seems ill-advised to characterize logomania by making it talk 120,000 words at us, and a glance at Nabokov's last novel, Pnin, which is not written in the first person, establishes that this is Nabokov talking.
Just as Murakami's bags and their knockoffs cropped up everywhere from Canal Street to Oprah last spring, they spread through Venice like a virus, but against the pious backdrop of the 50th Biennale, his logomania suddenly looked seditious as never before.
Logomania was last year's key trend and the jury is still out on the trend continuing.