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The next chapter ("The Natural Law--Again, Ever") elaborates Arkes's rationale for objective moral judgment, in which he chiefly relies on Kant's categorical imperative, which, he believes, can resolve the logomachy of contemporary judicial discourse in favor of natural law.
I thought that one of the most important passages in To Kill the King was where Farmer quotes Kenneth Burke as writing "The [New] Rhetoric must lead us through the Scramble, the Wrangle of the Market Place, the flurries and flare ups of the Human Barnyard, the Give and Take, the wavering line of pressure and counterpressure, the Logomachy, the onus of ownership, the Wars of Nerves.
Logomachy implies a struggle between two languages, cultures and worlds, a contested terrain.
They should be taught the ordinary sports and games, such as ball, hopscotch, croquet, swinging, marbles, tops, bean bags, dominoes, checkers, logomachy and other word and letter games, the use of dissected maps, etc.
367) Terms like corporate entity were nothing more than "legal magic and word-jugglery" (368) that provided the facade of scientific, rational deduction through judicial logomachy, often with "prejudice masquerading in the cloak of legal logic," (369) ignoring the actual consequences of court decisions.
Stigler, 1987, 77) Economic terms seem to pass in their historical development through a series of stages which, without pretension to rigidness, may be described as follows: first, no definition is given, but it is assumed that every one has a sufficiently clear idea of the subject to make a formal definition unnecessary; second, a definition is attempted and a number of exceptional forms are noted; third, with the further increase of data, the relative importance of the various forms changes, confusion in discussion is introduced, logomachy takes the place of constructive investigation; fourth, a complete classification of the forms embraced under the original term is made, and problems are investigated with reference to these classes.
For there to be tikkun, there will have to be a logomachy, but as Leiner remarks, "Memmi a conquis le langage.
7) Even in a rare analysis of the political uses of the word 'terrorism', the focus is so narrow, the extrapolation so limited and the historiographical clothing so threadbare that its tantalising title--'the logomachy of terrorism'--delivers less than it promises.
160) To take one example, Joseph Hutcheson imputes to judges an initial "`hunching' out," to be followed by "the logomachy, the effusion of the judge by which that decree is explained or excused.