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of or relating to logograms or logographs

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Braille written in its contracted form is considered logographic (Millar, 1997).
How German speaking first graders read and spell: Doubts on the importance of the logographic stage.
a Romanization of Chinese that is used widely in China but does not share the inherent "spatial" characteristics of normal logographic Mandarin writing).
Instruction in contracted braille is also essential to focus attention on the logographic orthography of graphemes (for example, the letter k represents the word knowledge), including braille contractions and short forms.
Information is sparse, but Seymour, Bunce, and Evans (1992) describe a developmental sequence in which two processes, the logographic and the alphabetic, develop in parallel and underpin subsequent orthographic development.
This method--drawn from the work of Leo Strauss--takes into special account the dramatic form of the Platonic dialogue, the requirements of esoteric writing, and "the law of logographic necessity" (pp.
In the section on "Polysemy" the article "Maya Writing: Synonyms and Homonyms, Polyvalency and Polysemy" explores again the possibilities inherent in a polyvalent logographic writing system, explicating processes and representations that are also relevant to the way we conceptualize early developments in Egyptian, Cuneiform, and Chinese writing.
Low socioeconomic status (SES) was associated with impairments for chronological age in letter knowledge as well as in both logographic and alphabetic foundation components.
That author poses a rhetorical question: "Ms writing progressing as it passes along the course of evolution marked by the logographic, syllabic, and alphabetic stages?
Simplifying considerably, we can say that Japanese has a mixed writing system which uses both logographic (whole word) characters called Kanji and syllabic characters called Kana.
This is made possible by interpreting zi/a as a logographic writing, to be transliterated HIC, rather than as a phonetic one.
For instance, in a logographic system such as the Chinese system, a simple character represents a lexical concept, whereas in an alphabetic system, combinations of letters are always required; also words are delimited spatially whereas even compound characters are not delimited spatially; the process of assembling phonology is different from the process of assigning phonemes to graphemes in an alphabetic script, and tone assignment is crucial to the meaning although it is not marked (Rickard Liow, Tng & Lee, 1994).