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a single written symbol that represents an entire word or phrase without indicating its pronunciation


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The unknown two-dimensional (2D) stimuli consisted of 25 Chinese logograph symbols.
The stimuli for each set of training stimuli consisted of five contrived logograph stimuli and five contrived words for the stimuli (Table 2).
The experimenter asked the participant for a logograph symbol or novel object by pointing in the direction of all of the stimuli on the table (known and unknown) and delivered the vocal antecedent, "Give me (contrived word for the unknown stimulus).
The present study tries to reevaluate this sharp insight of Fenollosa into the nature of Chinese logographs as a medium for poetry and to place it in the new context of cognitive poetics.
The mixed nature of the Japanese writing system, indeed, offers psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic evidences in support of the claim that logographic characters and phonographic notations are perceived differently and that the cognitive process of logographs is motivated more by visual orientation (see Haga; Ma; Paradis, Hagiwara, and Hildebrandt).
Half the participants completed the letter search task first and half completed the logograph search task first.
At a viewing distance of about 60 cm from the computer screen, both logograph strings and letter strings subtended 2 degrees horizontally and 0.
This argument has a limit: if a name is written entirely in logographs, then it becomes hard to be sure it is West Semitic at all.
15] defined the town's boundaries with a irregular semi-circle of toponyms, written with logographs.
Chinese is logographic, with words represented graphically by logographs, also called ideographs, and they represent a meaningful unit (Li & Thompson, 1981).
Because Chinese logographs number in the thousands and are complex in regard to spatial configuration, language instruction in the primary grades in China has focused on practicing Chinese characters.
It tells a basically simple story in an extremely and marvelously complicated style abounding in wordplay, logographs, double entendres, and the like.
One does not transcribe Chinese logographs, as she claims, One transcribes the words that ate associated with them.