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Synonyms for logo

Synonyms for logo

a company emblem or device


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Simplicity' is the key: Gone are those days, when designers were inclined to swap between gradient colours, gloss, shadow effects and 3D effect for designing logos.
The partial logo also remains as the letter 'C,' which was also redone with minimal changes.
The three- pointed star logo of my car has been stolen twice.
In addition, he stated in the petition that he tried his level best to stop APML from using the logo of eagle but to no avail.
The logo was changed because the 'r' and the 'a' met at a weird angle, the logo looked cluttered when it's size was reduced, and because there was a lot of 'noise' in the logo, among other things.
An article produced by MIT's business school, MIT Sloan School of Management, reveals three key goals that your logo should accomplish.
The Animal Planet channel revised their logo in 2008.
With its programming Logo has tried to reach all areas of LGBT interest, resulting in programming that basically targets everyone from 18 to 54.
We wanted a logo that captured the spirit of Air Force Reserve Command but also conveyed the message that we are a part of the overall Air Force," he said.
Now let's take a step back and consider the logo itself.
SecuGen is the first biometric vendor to achieve the Designed for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 logo approval," says Dan Riley, vice president of software development for SecuGen.
We examined spoligotype data using a bioinformatic tool (sequence logo analysis) to elucidate undisclosed phylogenetic relationships and gain insights into the global dissemination of strains of tuberculosis.
The reason I got into this business is because I m an independent writer, and I didn't want that corporate logo on my book.
Developing a new logo and using it appropriately can be relatively pain-free, if you keep these suggestions in mind.