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any stoppage attributable to unusual activity

an immovable mass of logs blocking a river

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Meanwhile, logjam of trucks is seen on the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border since mid-October when Kazakhstan switched to an enhanced border control mode.
The LogJam flaw allows hackers to trick the system into using the shorter key, which is far easier to break.
The study reach centered on a logjam that spanned the entire width of the stream.
various parties to end the continued logjam in Parliament.
5 percent and if in a worst-case situation, which I don't anticipate at all to be likely is more that you stuck in a policy logjam," said Ahluwalia.
In a bid to break the logjam, the smart phone maker has offered to provide information on a deferred basis after it faced the threat of a shutdown of the core features by August 31 if security agencies cannot gain access to heavily encyrpted corporate email sent on a Blackberry handset.
He fastens release clips to branches or poles directly over or alongside a logjam, then strings his lines through those clips back to his boat at midriver.
As David Schoenbrod, Richard Stewart, and Katrina Wyman write in their new book Breaking the Logjam, the individual states were federally "conscripted" to do the day-to-day management of the environmental system, obeying detailed federal instructions for controlling land, air, and water pollution.
Victory would be a boon for Komorowski's Civic Platform party, unlocking a political logjam more than a year before the autumn 2011 parliamentary elections.
They said this reflected the impact of a damaging battle between US studios and the Screen Actors Guild, which left projects in a logjam until its resolution in June.
The group said the jump could be early evidence that vendors were starting to accept lower offers on their homes after a long standoff, helping to free up the current logjam.
Zimbabwean opposition chief Morgan Tsvangirai will tour southern Africa this week for talks with leaders to end a crippling political logjam, his spokesman said yesterday.
PASSPORT applicants face a summer logjam after staff yesterday announced a three day strike next week.
The challenge for Sleiman in the wake of the logjam is to ensure that the leftover flotsam is not allowed to re-congeal and paralyze the machinery of government again.
The stewards correctly stop spectators entering the stand during the progress of the over, but the trouble is the accumulated logjam from the previous influx.