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any stoppage attributable to unusual activity

an immovable mass of logs blocking a river

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"The so-called logjam has been created by a small number of people, an even smaller number of them being trainers, who do not, in my opinion, have the support of the profession in general and appear prepared to say and do almost anything to divert GBGB's attention from more important matters, notably funding."
The new tunnel is essential to the region, and this bipartisan proposal is designed to break through the logjam that has delayed its construction in the past.
Infiltration into our territory and attempts to create mayhem will be dealt with a strong hand." Pranab expressed concern over the apparent fractious politics & House logjam
The LogJam flaw allows hackers to trick the system into using the shorter key, which is far easier to break.
The study reach centered on a logjam that spanned the entire width of the stream.
Nationwide's delay will be a blow to government plans to unblock the credit logjam to small firms, seen as vital to speeding up economic recovery.
It took threats from Democrats to change the filibuster rule to a 51-vote threshold instead of the current 60 in order to break up the political logjam.
various parties to end the continued logjam in Parliament.
They (opposition) cannot take people for granted," she told a group of young lawmakers who called on her to express their disappointment with the continuing logjam.
WELSH Government investment to cure a logjam on the A470 at the Abercynon roundabout has been welcomed.
"This way, we have a situation that will not create a logjam of vehicles," he said.
Moves to end the King Fahad causeway trucks logjam were put on the fast track yesterday by Bahrain's Cabinet in a session chaired by His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa.
envoy for Cyprus said talks held in New York on Sunday to overcome a logjam in peace negotiations were "positive" but said it was up to the rival sides to find common ground in the decades-old conflict.
In an impassioned challenge, religious leaders Monday urged the South African government to start slashing the country's carbon emissions immediately in order to break the international logjam in climate talks and "save life as we know it".
LAHORE, October 06, 2010 (Frontier Star): An eight-member delegation of The Founders Group Wednesday called on newly elected LCCI office-bearers and congratulated them for winning the elections with a thumping majority while both the sides agreed that both the trade and industry should make collective efforts to bring country out of economic logjam. According to handout issued here on Wednesday, the delegation comprising Mian Javaid ur Rehman, Munir Ahmad Khan, Tahir Manzoor Chaudhry, Pervez Anwar Sheikh, Haji Mohammad Asif, and others remained with LCCI office-bearers including President Shahzad Ali Malik, Senior Vice President Sheikh Mohammad Arshad and Vice President Sohail Azhar for well over an hour and discussed countrys economic situation in detail.