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handling an operation that involves providing labor and materials be supplied as needed

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High-tech assets must be packaged and palletized by reverse logistics suppliers.
The F/A-18 FIRST, from the Naval Air Systems Command and the Naval Inventory Control Point, Philadelphia, provided an innovative performance-based logistics approach that increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the F/A-18 by uniting the responsiveness of industry with the expertise and capacity of the Navy's organic support activities.
A poor decision on order sourcing will have a large negative impact on logistics costs, which cannot be overcome regardless of logistics efficiencies.
It's the acknowledgement of the synergy developed among logistics professionals as a critical component of our national defense.
Because the international logistics field is rather specialized, until recent years there was little available training that addressed the management of a catalog system and protocols for exchange of data between countries.
Many CEOs don't realize the importance of logistics in today's increasingly global arena--both as an area to cut costs and to provide a competitive advantage.
The logistics career broadening program has evolved into a program for logistics officers that is producing officers with the potential to fill senior leadership positions, both at the air logistics centers and in the field," said Lt.
FMS customers requested access to the Defense Logistics Agency's (DLA's) tailored logistics information through DLXs WBBCATS, a Web-based Customer Account Tracking System WEBCATS is an Oracle-based internet product that enables customers to view a wide range of DLA logistics information.
Register today for Defense Logistics 2005 at <http://www.
This modified Logistics/Customer Support course intends to help the customer establish basic logistics management procedures to make the best use of the Department of Defense logistics system and the FMS program.
Unit input and lessons learned came from 4th Infantry Division testing and implementation of the Army's former digital logistics systems, the Stryker Brigade's use of the logistics common operating picture (LCOP) process, and user jury feedback from the 3rd Infantry Division.
The LPIT consists of the FMS logistics steering committee (LSC), the international logistics enterprise team (ILET), the FMS customer advisory group (CAG), the industry advisory group (IAG), and the logistics support office.
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