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a person skilled at symbolic logic

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These operations require logisticians to support the battle across multiple domains.
The BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook projects that employment of logisticians will grow 22 percent from 2012 to 2022 due to the role logistics plays in the transportation of goods and the need to compete effectively in a global economy.
The Logistician is responsible for the organisation and monitoring of the logistics (purchase, tender, vehicles, office, warehouse, inventory management) at the site of the projects following the internal guidelines of arche nova.
After basic product support is in place, the logistician should look at supportability and overall cost-efficiency.
8) The logisticians learned this lesson almost too well.
Richards said that the factory-to-foxhole internet capability enabled by CSS VSATs provides information dominance for CSS warfighting units and noted that, in addition to connecting logisticians, CSS VSATS now also save Soldiers lives by digitally transporting medical supply and casualty care transactions and support force protection by digitally transporting biometrics and homeland security transactions.
To execute these functions effectively and efficiently, joint logisticians must have visibility.
Outside the United States, Mangan and colleagues (2001) used select components of the BLM framework to investigate the skill requirements of logistics managers in Ireland, and their findings supported the "managers first and logisticians second" conclusion found in the U.
Part I of this article, published in the May-June 2009 issue of Defense AT&L magazine, recommended that life cycle logisticians press to establish more persistent and thorough analyses of fielded defense system sustainment performance and associated operations and support (O&S) costs.
This dashboard, explained Whalen, would allow logisticians every step along the way to 'drill down' at their laptop computer and see where pieces of cargo are in the supply chain.
Complex thinking in a complex world requires a logistician to recognize the uniqueness of each situation and have the confidence to exercise newfound hunches.
But whenever available, it becomes the basis for logistician business case rationale for those shaping performance capability parameters that relate to effective and affordable supportability.
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