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of or relating to logistics


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He also urged the international community to prevent "other countries, specially Turkey, from sending more recruits, more terrorists, more armaments, or any kind of logistical support" to terrorists, if it wants to see an efficient ceasefire in Syria.
Specific logistical models are therefore needed to make these connections describable.
The logistical center will support the pallet services of the company, one of the swiftest developing business lines of Speedy.
Some exporters ask for appropriations to finance the extension of their businesses, while others complain about the lack of infrastructure and logistical means, particularly in the areas of Zaouiet El-Arab, Bouhelal and Mahassen.
However, Machar's spokesman, James Gatdet Dak, said the plan to convene the leadership meeting was still on track despite his confirmation of the logistical challenges.
2004) for modeling the movement of agricultural produce on the material flow they applied the logistical method MRP.
In addition, the Ministry of Public Security of China is expected to provide further logistical support in the amount of about 50 million yuan ($8.
The logistical problem at the Manila port has also affected the manufacturing sector due to the late arrival of needed raw materials, hampering their production and delivery schedule.
I am honored by this recognition from NDIA, and yet humbled by the thousands of men and women who executed our logistical plan superbly," Leonard said.
In Alaska SAE has received a direct award from a long-standing customer to resume part of a larger 3D project in the Cook Inlet, involving shallow water, transition zone and onshore seismic data acquisition and logistical services.
So, what challenging logistical environments and locations could possibly remain that we have yet to encounter?
Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), a Germany-based automaker, is opening its new Multimodal Logistical Centre at its Wolfsburg plant.
His management have cited logistical problems for having to cancel his series of dates, which would have seen him at Newcastle City Hall on February 24.
The entire party will attend two days of meetings and logistical discussions in the first of three national camps in preparation for the new season.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- The emirate's Department of Finance (DoF) on Tuesday signed an agreement with Musanada, a local company for public services, to provide logistical support.
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