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Pakistan, through Navy, continued the humanitarian, diplomatic and logistic assistance by sending a Type-21 frigate and an auxiliary - PNS KHAIBAR and PNS MOAWIN - with ample relief goods to Indonesia and Sri Lanka.
Westcott congratulated Minister Mashnouq on the Cabinet's approval of the new vote law, expressing the EU's readiness to provide the Ministry with the necessary technical expertise and logistic assistance in the framework of its preparations for the implementation of this law.
Minister of Oil addressing the session, affirmed more cooperation between the two sides and helping the State of South Sudan to increase its production via logistic assistance and reconsideration of the transit fees .
Erdogan's Regime, which is still involved inshedding the Syrian blood, continues offering all kind of support to terrorist organizations inSyria through building training camps, arming and facilitating their movements intoSyria to commit crimes against the Syrian people and recently offered them logistic assistance toattack Idleb city.
The two sides had agreed on the need to make the most of the German experience in matters of employment, regional development and good governance, and to reinforce co-operation in the security field, as Tunisia is in need of a logistic assistance to protect its borders, Hamdi specified.
The UN will provide technical and logistic assistance to the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC).
He requested that UNAMI will have logistic assistance to provide adequate figure for observers in the coming parliamentary election, to be held in mid of the next year.
Not surprisingly, the of time and logistic assistance for this process has already raised by several states with Union government.
* Logistic assistance: develop transportation and logistics support arrangements for the deployment and sustenance of peacekeepers.
"He was given material and logistic assistance from people who shared his beliefs and objectives," Khalid Al Shayea, the secretary general of the International Organisation for defending the Prophet, said.
During Afghan NIU operations, the SOTG primarily provides cordon security, logistic assistance, medical assets and other specialist capabilities.--Courtesy ADoD
Logistic assistance to be provided for Gadhafi's soldiers was hampered thanks to this siege, Harudu also said.
The Commission supports sectoral social dialogue in terms of legal and logistic assistance (organising meetings, reimbursing fees for experts and interpretation).
Administration has proven that it will side with oppressive regimes and tyrannous authorities via providing material and spiritual support and any necessary logistic assistance. As a result, one may find that a large and unexpected number of local journalists are promoting suspicious activities funded by the U.S.
The ministry also offers financial and logistic assistance to societies that help the people in various ways.