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The UN will provide technical and logistic assistance to the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC).
He requested that UNAMI will have logistic assistance to provide adequate figure for observers in the coming parliamentary election, to be held in mid of the next year.
Not surprisingly, the of time and logistic assistance for this process has already raised by several states with Union government.
41) Support for CoESPU was among the three major objectives of the US GPOI along with peacekeeper training and logistic assistance.
He was given material and logistic assistance from people who shared his beliefs and objectives," Khalid Al Shayea, the secretary general of the International Organisation for defending the Prophet, said.
During Afghan NIU operations, the SOTG primarily provides cordon security, logistic assistance, medical assets and other specialist capabilities.
Logistic assistance to be provided for Gadhafi's soldiers was hampered thanks to this siege, Harudu also said.
The Commission supports sectoral social dialogue in terms of legal and logistic assistance (organising meetings, reimbursing fees for experts and interpretation).
Administration has proven that it will side with oppressive regimes and tyrannous authorities via providing material and spiritual support and any necessary logistic assistance.
The ministry also offers financial and logistic assistance to societies that help the people in various ways.
Or phone the TACOM Logistic Assistance Division Office at DSN 256-4242 or (508) 233-4242.
The passing of the law and subsequent dispatch of warships to provide logistic assistance to air strikes on Afghanistan was the centerpiece of a major restructuring of Japanese strategy, Jinan Army Academy Prof.
Memorialized now as Parker Hall, the facility is home to the 3d MP Group, CID Battalion; the 86th MP Detachment (CID); Company B, 308th Military Intelligence Battalion; and the Army Material Command's Logistic Assistance Office.
China and Japan are unlikely to shift their stances on Chinese opposition to Japan's revised defense guidelines, passed by the Diet on May 23, which call for Japanese logistic assistance to U.
Egypt will deliver a logistic assistance offered from the Egyptian Partnership for Development Agency, which is affiliated with the Foreign Ministry.