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of or relating to logistics


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It said, "The parties agree to cooperate and collaborate into looking at Hublines five year plan for Hubline to develop its chemical vessel technical capability for PCML logistic requirements.
He noted that the EDB is currently planning on attracting logistic and industrial investments from Germany, China, Britain and Italy.
He said with the establishment of road and railway network in the country under CPEC, logistic and transport sector would be promoted.
The Army commander remarked on the importance of "the integrated work of the field, logistics, administrative and various weapons units to ensure the success of defense and security missions.
The prognosis-making process is mainly based on the following requests: conceiving logistic variants applicable in the future; making a retrospective analysis of processes subject to prognosis and their trends under the impact of the general restructuring of the military organization and especially of the logistic system; the complex analysis of the logistic domain investigated from economic, scientific, technological, professional, managerial perspectives etc.
Keywords: Education, Performance, Logistic Regression, Factors.
Rear Admiral Sajid Qazir Khan would now be incharge of logistic support to all PN units, Ships and establishments.
48 points, Oman came fourth on the Arab level and 14th on the international level in the logistic service indicators for the emerging markets in 2016.
The company affirmed that it sues economic , business data , social indicators and the development of transportation sector to rank the countries in logistic services markets indicators.
Liu presents a supplementary textbook for graduate quantitative methods courses on logistic regression models, ordinal regression models, categorical data analysis, or multi-level modeling in education or in social or behavioral sciences.
The logistic center of the Company "Globko Logistic" engaged in post services is located on 3.
Researchers in a number of studies contested the effectiveness of logistic strategies used by small businesses in developed countries.
Other topics include the multiple logistic regression model, model-building strategies and methods for logistic regression, assessing the fit of the model, and logistic regression models for multinomial and ordinal outcomes.
Lukita Dinarsyah Tuwo, a deputy of the minister for national development planning, said the government is studying four targets in the implementation of national logistic system.