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stunned or confused and slow to react (as from blows or drunkenness or exhaustion)

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In the second part, I will show how the organization of the Lehre enshrines a theory of musical development which can be traced to pedagogues such as Nageli, Logier and Diesterweg.
The counter-proof to Nageli's theory, and one to which he may have been reacting, was the phenomenal success of the so-called Logier Method, the 'offenbar' system par excellence.
Logier produced results and was certainly no quack.
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Logier volunteered with the Royal Ontario Museum of Zoology in 1915 and was hired the following year as an artist.
The piano methods of both Czerny and Johann Bernard Logier are also considered.
The first act was duly completed much to the delight of the singers, and Leopold says: 'Assured of the desired success by the approval of the singers, I let my son continue with his work; but I also requested the physician Logier [sic] to set things in order with the impresario in the matter of payment.
Route Industrielle 13 ZI du Rio-Gregon St Logier CH-1806