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logical relations, Danielle Macbeth, Frege's Logic (Cambridge, MA:
Data analysis revealed the occurrence of two types of phenomena, which involve explicit expression in the translation of implicit logical relations between ST sentences and clauses.
The conception of the whole is denoted by way of logical relations, thereby providing an account of the world which serves to make that which is observed intelligible.
To the extent, then, that the explanatory power of a theory is a matter of the existence of logical relations among the propositions that comprise a theory, an agent that satisfies LO1 is precluded from learning that a theory is explanatory.
En in that space which manifest the aforementioned logical relations, such that pi=probability (Ei) for i= 1, 2 .....
The general terms that are brought into logical relation in a proposition represent abstracted universal features of the world amenable to categorical--and hence scientific--analysis.
Critically, this contextual choice means that each time a post is (re)positioned and (re)read new logical relations emerge, each of which may even shift the genre of the post.
The emerging picture is of a versatile linguistic framework, whose main function is not the discovery of objective logical relations in the object language, but the stipulation of conceptual possibilities.
Evans and others are a starting point in approaching potential logical relations between performative statements.
The world of politics is a place for logical relations and calculations, not for coarse political behavior," the newspaper quoted the speaker saying.
"We want logical relations; we cannot accept the trampling of the rights of the Bahraini people by a specific group and their deprivation of rights; meantime, good neighborliness is Iran's unchangeable policy," Zarif said, addressing members of the French parliament's foreign policy, defense and armed forces committee in Paris on Wednesday.
Some contributions to a general theory of logical relations taken as principles.
Under a normalized approach one usually would not expect for numeric data items and textual data items to fall into different logical relations when connected to the same entity object.
In the first few chapters he shows how to recognize philosophical issues and logical relations, what to think about when considering taking a philosophy course, and misconceptions about thinking critically.
Thus, the distinction is based on the fact that categorical universal claims are usually about logical relations between kinds, while hypothetical claims express the disposition of causes.