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an operation that follows the rules of symbolic logic

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Physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have teleported a computer circuit instruction known as a quantum logic operation between two separated ions (electrically charged atoms), showcasing how quantum computer programs could carry out tasks in future large-scale quantum networks.
These results validated the distinctive discrimination ability of nanotweezers acting as an "AND" logic operation device, demonstrating the good specificity of the smart nanosystem.
For simplicity, we can suppose that the RLO of the parallel sub-branches of a branch (respectively, the parallel branches of the main branch) is stored in a virtual memory location of the type local memory, and is used successively to evaluate the RLO of that branch (respectively, the main branch) by applying an AND boolean logic operation.
In this study, the "smart" MFC presented above demonstrated for the first time the possibility to control the power output of an MFC by adjusting environmental conditions according to Boolean logic operations. This provides opportunities for future sensor and bioelectronic devices logically controlled by physiological parameters.
logic operations are performed after the receipt of an event by a SBB, which processes it and may proceed to fire other events that are received by different SBBs.
Such sub additive measure provides fulfilling of logic operation "And" at the time of integration.
With two graphene sheets an OR (XOR) logic operation would be possible.
"This is the first time that a mechanical action has been used to create a logic operation," Discovery News quoted Z.L.
It is compatible with industry standard I/O mounting racks for U-series, G4, G5 and C4 type modules and are available for 5V, 12V, 15V and 24V logic operation. Reverse logic (FORM B) and Gx2[TM] Series (FORM C) models are also available.
It is available for 5, 12, 15, and 24 V logic operation.
It contains a series of nodes, each of which participates in a logic operation that determines a diagnosis from the RNA in the test tube.
Its programmable UVLO function(2.7 V, 2.85 V or 3.0 V) ensures that adequate power levels are present in the system for proper logic operation. The SP6651A is priced starting at $1.40 in 10,000-piece quantities.
Flake and Baum demonstrated that certain block configurations in a variation on Rush Hour permit the same sort of logic operations. A sliding-block configuration doesn't by itself perform a logic operation, however.
The PageGate Filter Pack supports all types of logic operations. The Filter Pack can be used with virtually any of the existing PagGate interfaces to increase the power of PageGate.