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a saying of Jesus that is regarded as authentic although it is not recorded in the Gospels

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4 million of intangibles related to the Logia acquisition, referred to as Non-GAAP EPS, was $5.
Tamar Shachar Chief Revenue Officer at Logia Group had this to share about the app "Engagement and Monetization are the core of our value proposition.
Logia Group is comprised of companies that share a synergistic vision for the convergence of Internet and mobile media.
Cosi facendo il cinema, i singoli "film come espressioni ideologiche" che partecipano "alla rielaborazione e alla diffusione dell'ideo logia in una data epoca" offrono un campionario esauriente da cui poter attingere per lo studio della storia e della cultura di un paese (Sociologia del cinema 73).
5) An E&P deal for the North Logia block in the GoS between Ganoub El-Wadi Holding Petroleum Company (Ganope) and Burren Energy of the UK.
While recent literary study has brought to the forefront the composite nature of the early classical texts of China, this work asks us to rethink not only how many of these logia may have had their origins in ritual practice, but also how the assemblage of the texts themselves may have been ritual acts.
The members of the Federation had close familial and political relations with the Corda Frates, a Catholic logia integrated by powerful politicians, legislators, and university professors.
Then, when an exhibition by Leon Ferrari was closed down by order of an Argentinean judge on the grounds that the works injured the religious feelings of the community, Guerra reacted by joining La logia de los pecadores (The Sinners Logia), an anticlerical group founded by Ferrari.
The lignane nor-dihydroguaieretic acid in the plant has been described as a potent anti-oxidant agent which inhibits lipooxigenase and cyclooxigenase exerting a potent and long-lasting anti-inflammatory effect (Della Logia et al.
Giuseppe Zocchi (Florence 1716/17 - 1767 Florence) A view of the Piazza della Signoria, Florence, looking South, with the Palazzo Vecchio and the Logia dei Lanzi.
Tom Ciola, creator of the Bible Bar and a host of spiritual snack foods at Logia Foods, just released his newest treat: Bible Granola.
Etymological dictionaries explain the origin of 'genealogy' as the combination of two Greek words--genea, 'race' or 'family', and logia, '-logy', 'discourse/science'--which undoubtedly points towards the ideological question underlying its use: what is the logic, the science that lies behind the family or the race?
Menacher, "Called to Common Mission: A Lutheran Proposal," Logia (Epiphany, 2002).
In fact, as a teenager, Smith himself coined the term vexillology, by combining the Latin word for flag, vexillum, with the Greek root for the study of logia.
As this massive scholarly statement had its inception in an earlier version of the Apo logia, a three volume doctoral these presented to the University of Paris in 1972, which has since been followed by a number of seminal articles on Campanella's naturalistic philosophy as it relates to the larger context of late Renaissance science, the present study represents the culmination of a life work of considerable value for the history of science and the origins of the Galileo Affair.