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balcony consisting of the forward section of a theater mezzanine

private area in a theater or grandstand where a small group can watch the performance

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Located in Vieux Lyon, Cour Des Loges is a luxurious hideaway with a history dating back to the 1300s.
"C'est vraiment enthousiasmant d'en faire partie et d'etre aux premieres loges".
Renseignement pris, il s'avere que le gros de ces supporters, notamment ceux qui sont venus dans le cadre des voyages organises, seront loges a Pretoria, non loin de Johannesburg, et qu'ils rallieront la ville de Rustenburg et le stade de Royal Bafokeng que le jour du match.
The lower placement will make it easier to replace lights as they burn out, and better illuminate the lobby, Loges said.
STRATFORD: 2.15 William Percival, 2.45 Or Sing About, 3.15 Courella, 3.50 Laureate Des Loges, 4.25 Battlecry, 5.00 Leopard Hills, 5.30 Heezagrey.
His new responsibilities entail overseeing the development of the next major version of Loges for Mac.
House's 'Modernity in Microcosm: Renoir's Loges in Context' describes the significance of the theatre box in Renoir's work between 1873 and 1880 and how it offered the artist the opportunity to explore the world of fashionable entertainment, glamorous women's costumes and the loaded interplay between members of the audience.
Jon Bruschke and William Loges have produced a highly readable, thought-provoking look at research on the issue of pre-trial publicity and its potential influence on a trial's outcome.
The system also automatically moves teachers' web pages when they're transferred to other schools and updates their Web site with the new schools' loges and other key details.
Many corporations maintain an archive: Exxon, Disney, Coca-Cola, and Playboy each have private archives composed of corporate loges, advertising, patents, and legal papers.
Rideout hopes there will be more Siegfrieds and Loges in the future, and a chance to sing his first Samson and his first Kaiser in Die Frau ohne Schatten.
The new sleek, silver and teal products feature modern packaging, new loges, improved fragrance, new hold level symbols (2x, 3x and 4x) and 20% bigger bottles.
"Estrade" bleacher tickets: Sfr35;"Loges"Sfr100 for adults Sfr50 for children.
We're giving one lucky winner and a friend a two-night B&B stay at Cour des Loges, with Eurostar travel from the heart of London, so you can see for yourself what it has to offer.
David Beckham effectuera son premier entraEnement avec le Paris SG, au Camp des Loges, mercredi 13 fevrier, a officialise vendredi son entraEneur Carlo Ancelotti a l'issue de la victoire de son equipe (3-1) contre Bastia en ouverture de la 24e journee du championnat de France.