logarithmic scale

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scale on which actual distances from the origin are proportional to the logarithms of the corresponding scale numbers

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However, Wendover noted that following a logarithmic scale could still be hit-or-miss since there is no actual proof of aliens communicating in a verbal manner.
If one looks at the efficiency curve plotted at the logarithmic scale, it is noticed that it is a linear line in the 200-l500 keV energy range.
pH, on the other hand, is a calculation of the concentration of free (positive) protons measured on a negative logarithmic scale and then expressed as a positive number.
For convenience, a semi logarithmic scale has been used.
Since it is a logarithmic scale, you can't simply add up the total dBs incoming, and get a total.
The seismograph gauge is based on 10 logarithmic scale, which means the difference in energy between three and four is tenfold; likewise, seven is 1,000 times higher than four on the RMS.
The BI was calculated according to Ridley's logarithmic scale from 0 to 6 +.
Such fractions divide the logarithmic scale in allowed values and empty gaps, i.
The left figure employs a logarithmic scale and the right figure employs a linear scale.
By looking at the data from all the lists to date and assuming that performance increases would continue as before, the editors extrapolated the performance of future systems using linear regression on the logarithmic scale.
where Y: the size of investment per capita in logarithmic scale (ln i); X: the level of GDP per capita in logarithmic scale (ln v); a: velocity of diffusion of investment per capita; and [bar.
Users can rotate and zoom 3D charts, change fonts and colors, view data on a logarithmic scale and make many other customizations as needed.
Using data from a group of people completing the measure, it is possible to estimate this level of item difficulty (the item parameter) and place this along an interval logarithmic scale.
Richter, is a logarithmic scale that expresses the magnitude of a seismic disturbance in terms of the energy dissipated.