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enter a computer


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The Season 7 premiere of "Game of Thrones" is finally here, and thankfully, fans who don't have a cable subscription of their own can still watch with the rest of us (and they won't have to beg their friends for their cable log-ins to do it either).
Fifty-two percent use Facebook to log in, with Twitter (15%) and MySpace (14%) making up more than a quarter of log-ins.
Placing the school nurse in the supervisory role also seemed to contribute to the less-than-ideal log-in rate.
Second, it's probably a good idea to keep the number of log-ins and passwords to under a billion per user, all the while maintaining the highest levels of security.
Then you can enter a single log-in and a password that doesn't go across the Internet in the clear.
The criminals used and sold details of hacked accounts belonging to hundreds of customers who repeatedly used the same log-ins on computers.
The hackers managed to infiltrate eBay's computer systems through a small number of employee's log-ins.
Log-ins had become a particular problem for the $4 billion Conexus Credit Union of Regina, Saskatchewan, as it approached the end of its first decade of using a Citrix remote network to link its approximately 1,000 system users, including about 700 who log in daily across its now 46-branch operation.
Bank holding company Suffolk Bancorp (NASDAQ:SUBK) disclosed on Monday that its banking subsidiary, the Suffolk County National Bank (SCNB), discovered on 24 December 2009 that an unauthorised intruder had accessed certain customers' log-in information.
lt;p>It means that people will be able to sign into Facebook using their log-in credentials from Gmail.
Symantec said attackers used a computer program to access the website's employers section, using stolen log-in credentials, from where they used the log-ins to harvest user names, e-mail and home addresses and phone numbers.
With Mobile Banking Lite, customers can save their log-in details and just enter their password to view their account balance and past transactions.
Rather than just log-in and password, the system also integrates log-ins with Active Directory functionality, allowing log-ins with regular network credentials and then controlling access to the new network passwords in the appliance.
The same image and phrase is then displayed to the member during log-in, confirming that he or she has accessed the credit union's authentic web site.
Make sure any applications you use do not store your log-in details and never store reminders of log-ins and passwords in your contacts or texts.