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exit a computer


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In fact, surfers can request the site continue to search for matching space even after they log off.
it's subscribers to see exactly how much time and money they have spent using the ISP's services each time they log off.
Urge employees to log off their computer systems when they leave their desks.
USAA employees also must log off their computers whenever they go on a break, and to prevent computer viruses, they aren't allowed to bring diskettes from home.
Just log on at night for a quick bedtime story, then log off for eight hours of restful, guiltless sleep.
From the mobile dashboard, users can manage mobile alerts, reminders and IM forwarding, which enables users to have IMs sent to their cell phone once they log off the desktop AIM[R] service.
Log off and start creating," the New York Daily News quoted a video created to promote the project, as stating.
Upon log off or reboot, Clean Slate restores a computer to its original state.
The Log Off Hot Key lets you log off Windows with the press of a button and users can also put their computer in 'sleep' mode right from your desktop, protecting data and saving energy.