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Synonyms for log

Synonyms for log

a segment of the trunk of a tree when stripped of branches

the exponent required to produce a given number

a written record of messages sent or received

a written record of events on a voyage (of a ship or plane)

measuring instrument that consists of a float that trails from a ship by a knotted line in order to measure the ship's speed through the water

enter into a log, as on ships and planes

cut lumber, as in woods and forests

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The log sweep degree was calculated by Equations 1 and 2 (the latter for a log with double sweep) based on the Japanese Agricultural Standard (Food Safety and Consumer Affairs Bureau 1996):
If transaction log becomes full, no further data changes are possible because every change requires a new entry and consequently additional amount of free space in transaction log.
Privacy is a big advantage of Deep Log Analyzer software over hosted web analytics solutions.
The lowest-priced package is designed for managing up to 15 GB daily log volume, stored for greater than 25 months in a solution managing 11.
This was the first time since Log Cabin opened its national office in 1993 that it had not endorsed the Republican nominee for president, having backed Bush in 2000 and Bob Dole in 1996, moves that caused a strong backlash against Log Cabin among many prominent gay and lesbian activists.
Some underwater logs were sunk or otherwise lost during log drives on rivers, but the majority came from forests submerged during the building of dams.
Proprietary well log data will be accessed using LOG-LINE Plus
Another Superior Log sawmill operation is slated for Huntsville, closer to their wood supply, with other future developments in the works at several other Canadian locations.
TOOLS: Even if you've got a gas log fireplace, a nice set of tools adds a nostalgic touch.
You can buy measuring sticks, that you hold up to the cut end of a log that tells you the number of board feet depending on the length of a log.
To track down these hackers, federal agents must obtain and review various logs from each of the jumps or victims.
The Family Behind Hip Clothier The Gap Logs the Redwoods
As it is, the agency often sells its trees for little more than the cost of building the roads it takes to log them (and it pays for the roads too, since it considers them capital improvements).
Log cabins are staging a comeback, but today's log homes have developed far beyond their pioneer roots
Innovation Centers on Content-Aware Log Processing, Management, Analysis and Event Management