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Synonyms for loftiness

Synonyms for loftiness

the quality of being high or lofty


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impressiveness in scale or proportion

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7, and Etudes symphoniques through their evocation of heroic Beethovinian loftiness. The toccata, for instance, features virtuosic "perpetual-motion double notes" (p.
The speaker in Johannesburg, in spite of the loftiness of his words, missed an opportunity to be one while in office.
Despite the clear loftiness of the stories, the overall collection is quite definitely not an amalgamation of out of the world stories.
Those dreams, no matter their beauty or loftiness, have become, like their owners, history.
Likewise, drone cinematography, now a mainstay of documentary making, captures a sense of loftiness that matches Djalu's words, with wide shots that hover over country, over mangroves and marshland at the height of the outspread clouds that bring down fresh water and start new seasons of life.
Oh, you can tell he did that himself.' There is still a loftiness to Soil, but that DIY spirit also led to bigger hooks and more obvious grooves--sounds he says pay tribute to the dance music that permeated his youth in Baltimore, from the church to the club.
Ironically, the gathering of such a cohesive group of paintings was shocking in its laser-like focus and awe-inspiring in the loftiness of its uncompromised aesthetic achievement.
The loftiness of Roses career can be measured in part by his many honors, some of which could now be at risk: honorary degrees from Duke, Georgetown and Montclair State, to name a few; a Peabody Award and Emmy Award; the Walter Cronkite Excellence in Journalism Award; the Vincent Scully Prize; the Fred Friendly First Amendment Award; his induction as a "knight" in the French Legion of Honor.
The Taj Mahal tour through Agra is subsequently really appealing and guests are enchanted by the quality and loftiness of such an incredible masterpiece.
But the loftiness of it all was self-effacingly downplayed by the ingenious way by which 'Singkuwenta' was conceptualized and executed.
In a short number of lines, Nature lists multiple attributes, from the loftiness of "Saturn's deep conceit" and "Jupiter's high thoughts," to "Juno's arms / ...
Indeed, any thorough and genuine meditation on the particular aspects of any G-dly concept especially regarding His greatness and loftiness, and the wondrous quality of the blessed infinite light--can be considered to be "gazing at the King's glory," i.e., that one's G-dly intellect "gazes" at the preciousness and the excellence of the Divine light, and at the precious beauty of His greatness and exaltedness.
I'm sorry about that, but there are times when a certain loftiness is necessary, and this is one.
During a meeting today in province of Marib, with the executive, military, security leaders and party members, in the province, the President said that "the Arab coalition countries, led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, has been able to restore to the nation glory and loftiness to stop the Persian ambitions and interventions, through its expansionist tools such as Saleh and al-Huthi, whom their egos and arrogance, did not stop them, in declaring the fall of Sanaa and absolute dependence of Yemen on them.
"That created a sense of loftiness, which makes the space feel larger than it is," she says.