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of, being, located at, or forming the top

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Here on the loftiest height bubbleth up for me the well of delight
A summer on the loftiest height, with cold fountains and blissful stillness: oh, come, my friends, that the stillness may become more blissful!
The same fact, on a grander scale, has been remarked in the eastern and loftiest line of the Bolivian Cordillera, through which the rivers pass: analogous facts have also been observed in other quarters of the world.
Let us forget the other names of American statesmen that have been stamped upon these hills, but still call the loftiest Washington.
The Wind River Mountains are, in fact, among the most remarkable of the whole Rocky chain; and would appear to be among the loftiest.
From the summits of some of the loftiest mountains, in different directions, columns of smoke be-an to rise.
In England, for example, no mere parade of costly appurtenances would be so likely as with us, to create an impression of the beautiful in respect to the appurtenances themselves - or of taste as regards the proprietor: - this for the reason, first, that wealth is not, in England, the loftiest object of ambition as constituting a nobility; and secondly, that there, the true nobility of blood, confining itself within the strict limits of legitimate taste, rather avoids than affects that mere costliness in which a parvenu rivalry may at any time be successfully attempted.
I can speed onward with the rapidity of a tornado, sometimes at the loftiest heights, sometimes only a hundred feet above the soil, while the map of Africa unrolls itself beneath my gaze in the great atlas of the world.
He could drop twenty feet at a stretch from limb to limb in rapid descent to the ground, or he could gain the utmost pinnacle of the loftiest tropical giant with the ease and swiftness of a squirrel.
THE minor issue of a Siberian snowstorm wasn't going to stop a host of VIPs heading 20 storeys up in Manchester to celebrate the opening of the city's loftiest new restaurant.
Commercial real estate provides a valuable vehicle for the Menlo Group, which uses this avenue to help Phoenix's finest achieve their loftiest goals.
54, which is 3 cents off the day's high, which is the loftiest level seen since January 24.
With collective efforts, we can turn the tide and achieve this most needed and loftiest of causes, aiming for a society that is really healthy,' he said.
Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor SMIU said that the youth of today is without any direction, thus to reorient their path towards the loftiest objectives of morality, leadership and ethics, the National Leadership Program was conceived.
Dr Mohammad Ali Shaikh said the youth of today was without any direction, thus to reorient their path towards the loftiest objectives of morality, leadership and ethics, therefore, the National Leadership Programme was conceived.