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a house where rooms are rented

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When the decision was made to send 20 men to the lodging house from the annexe at a meeting of the town's social work committee, only 14 of the 30 councillors were present.
in another lodging house located at San Nicolas St., Barangay Taft, Surigao City.
On August 12, 1917, at a lodging house in Field Street, Everton, 41-year-old widow Mary Cockford was talking to her sister on the steps.
After the girlfriend fetched the suspect from the airport, they stayed at the Malate lodging house along Pedro Gil where the suspect allegedly strangled the victim to death.
to allow a lodging house use for the eight-story building, located at Grafton and Franklin streets.
e lodging house has space to accommodate 12 people aged between 18 and 65 years old and provides a range of dierent services for its residents including rehabilitation and detoxication programmes.
HATS off - or should that be beanies off - to Evander Holyfield, who not only served the soup at Glasgow's Lodging House Mission yesterday but made a healthy donation to the cause too.
This rare tinted 1858 original photo of a grand three-bay lodging house and beach chalet from my private collection shows just how Redcar was in need of a sea wall.
October 5, 1953: A lodging house to replace the dilapidated 198-bed Chapel Hill one would lose Huddersfield Corporation the government money to build 44 council houses.
It is the three-storey Penny Lodging House near The Maltings arts centre - "a doss house", says Maltings artistic director Miles Gregory bluntly - which has been lifted out of a state of near-dereliction for these performances by Brass Bastion, a local theatre company which specialises in so-called site-specific productions.
The second outbreak of cholera in Gateshead appeared on January 8, 1849 after a tramp arrived at a Pipewellgate lodging house from an affected area of Edinburgh.
The 1969 film showed Paul Newman and Robert Redford portraying the duo trapped in a lodging house in Bolivia before dying in a hail of bullets.
Where the CIA now stands police found one lodging house with 54 people crammed into four rooms.
Competitors were asked to design a prototypical individualized dwelling unit and the layout of 19 such units on a typical floor of The Andrews--Common Ground's lodging house on the Bowery--which will shortly be renovated to house the First Step Housing Program.
The two wooden barns measuring about 120 square meters and 40 square meters are believed to be a portion of a lodging house and bath house, members of the panel said.