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Synonyms for Lodge

Synonyms for Lodge

to remain as a guest or lodger

to become or cause to become stuck or lodged

to implant so deeply as to make change nearly impossible

Synonyms for Lodge

English physicist who studied electromagnetic radiation and was a pioneer of radiotelegraphy (1851-1940)

small house at the entrance to the grounds of a country mansion

a small (rustic) house used as a temporary shelter

Related Words

a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers

put, fix, force, or implant

file a formal charge against

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He recalled a report was also lodged against the organisers and speakers of a rally held on April 28 last year.
Ng said police reports had also been lodged against him for raising the national and state flags to mark September 16 as Malaysia Day from 2005 to 2013.
In another case of kidnapping Arshad lodged a complaint with Saddar Baironi that his wife and two children were abducted by Kashif and others.
Abdul Qudoos lodged a complaint with Kallar Syedan Police that some unknown suspects had abducted his daughter.
Stimulated neutrophils lodged in the filters, while unstimulated ones squeezed through.
He said the report was lodged at the Miri office of the MACC on June 6, a week after he lodged a similar report against Taib with the Miri police on May 29.
(31) found that selected black bean lines had larger root weights, smaller TRR, and lodged less than the original cultivars.