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Synonyms for locution

manner of speech


Synonyms for locution

a sound or combination of sounds that symbolizes and communicates a meaning

a word or group of words forming a unit and conveying meaning

Synonyms for locution

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Les exemples (51)-(57) qui discriminent pertinemment les locutions a preposition sous-jacente et les locutions a preposition classique permettent de poser un nouveau trait qui distingue ces deux types de tournure:
Following a brief but intensive involvement with the recently established Charismatic Renewal Movement (CCR)--itself another major platform for the dissemination of locutions and literature on supernatural phenomena, especially the immensely popular apparitions at Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzogovina which began in 1981 (87)--Kamm established the MWOA prayer groups in 1972 in an attempt to make reparation for the sins of society and the Church.
Mais si l'emploi de la locution est tres nettement le resultat d'un choix, c'est aussi parce que sa puissance significative ou suggestive, permet de manifester de facon plus saisissante, plus energique ou plus pittoresque suivant le cas, l'attitude critique, defiante, agressive ou emotive du locuteur.
Making its early literature memorable serves a country well and memorability is a strong feature of Kinsella's translation, some of whose locutions (like "warp-spasm" for Cu Chulainn's heroic distortion) have become by-words for his readers.
If visions, locutions, and stigmata weren't enough, there was Faustina's insistence that the chaplet be said at 3 p.
These rehearsed locutions were common among participants representing a special interest (e.
Le chapitre suivant s'occupe des verbes ; locutions verbales ; negations ; inversions ; syntaxe interactive ; participes epithetes ; gerondifs ; la locution << apres que >> et les subjonctifs caducs.
We're also treated to a kind of bandit style of purloined, vagabond locutions, part sura, part swearing, part bush--"as filthy and disgusting as a hyena's anus"; "not worth an old grandmother's fart"; "Maman moved on her arse like a caterpillar in fits and starts"; "proud as a Senegalese wrestling champion"; "they'd stick a live bee right in your eye.
Entries under headwords with the attested range of variant spellings are divided into main headings by number, then into subheadings by the use of a lozenge-shaped marker; compound words and locutions containing the headword are treated in a separate paragraph.
On borrowings such as these, and in making up borrowings of my own that I lift for my poems (I mean this literally, actual lists of coined phrases that sit for a while until I have the distance from them to see them as locutions to borrow from), the music of the locution is made.
D'autre part, elle inclut dans ce groupe les locutions fixees dans la langue, qui equivalent a des syntagmes figes, constituant une unite semantique et idiomatique.
The interaction between two or more players is defined by means of a formal dialogue game, in which locutions are considered to be moves.
Finally, to understand what New Yorkers are talking about (tawkinabow), any newcomer unfamiliar with Basic Yinglish will need to take a crash course to grasp such classic locutions as shlep (to lug, carry), kvetch (complain, whine), shmuck (a dope, jerk, in Yiddish a penis), shmeer (to spread or a spread), and oy (an untranslatable exclamation that Leo Rosten describes as not a word but a vocabulary).
These are texts which, because published relatively recently, have attracted far less critical attention than the rest of Heaney's output, and Collins proves himself to be an astute independent reader of the works--he writes skilfully, for instance, on such matters as the 'yoking' of 'Irish locutions to words of Old High Germanic origin' in Beowulf (p.
My view is that you don't need to worry about spellings or locutions such as "programme" and "a year on from becoming editor.