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Synonyms for locution

manner of speech


Synonyms for locution

a sound or combination of sounds that symbolizes and communicates a meaning

a word or group of words forming a unit and conveying meaning

Synonyms for locution

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The overtly dispositional locution "the disposition to be seen when looked at" refers to the visibility of Saturn.
S'appuyant sur l'analyse referentialiste, l'auteur distingue rue X de dans la rue Xpar les differents referents auxquels renvoient les deux locutions.
142) Matters were becoming more serious and through various correspondence Bishop Murray had become aware that Kamm had told followers in a locution on October 7, 1984, that the Bangalee property of the Price family would become the "Lourdes of Australia," and would be the place of "where Heaven's graces will descend and where Mankind will be cured.
Au plan de la comprehension l'on peut donc tenter, en s'appuyant sur des jeux de mots publicitaires par exemple (ou oralement sur une autre selection de jeux de mots humoristiques), de voir si le terme "evince" peut etre cependant evoque par l'entourage linguistique, et si le dysfonctionnement des structures normales (substitution d'un terme a l'interieur de la locution figee) permet neanmoins la reconstruction de l'enchainement original.
Making its early literature memorable serves a country well and memorability is a strong feature of Kinsella's translation, some of whose locutions (like "warp-spasm" for Cu Chulainn's heroic distortion) have become by-words for his readers.
This finding speaks to the regulatory force of locution and identity at public hearings.
By combining TriTech's computer-aided dispatch system with Locution Systems' automated dispatching and fire station alerting technologies, these cities and counties will improve response times and reduce stress for dispatchers and fire/EMS responders.
TriTech Software Systems, a provider of public safety computer-aided dispatch, mobile data, and records management solutions, and Locution Systems, a provider of automated public safety dispatching, zoned dispatching, and fire station alerting and control technologies, announced on Friday (24 August) commissions to provide their respective technologies to five US cities and counties.
Le terme modismo ou idiotisme est souvent employe, au meme titre que celui de locution signifiante (c'est-a-dire, douee de signification par opposition a la locution de connexion grammaticale comme << con tal que >>, << en pos de >>, etc.
On borrowings such as these, and in making up borrowings of my own that I lift for my poems (I mean this literally, actual lists of coined phrases that sit for a while until I have the distance from them to see them as locutions to borrow from), the music of the locution is made.
Combination: define the dialogical contexts under which a particular locution is allowed.
Perhaps they do, but since the movie's copious dialogue is spoken in a stylized locution just short of iambic pentameter, it's muddled into a highfalutin drone quite early on.
I am struggling with that change, not so much because I have not found this to be a common locution in the biblical text since after all God's preferential option for the poor has been made abundantly clear by liberation theologians and others.
It's hard nowadays to reread the work of de Kruif or Sinclair Lewis without a chuckle or two over their quaint locution, but Zinsser's raffine account of lice and men remains a delight.
DEBKAfile's political analysts examined the 1949 Armistice Agreements to find out why Bush departed from the usual pre-June 4 1967 Green Line locution.