locum tenens

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someone (physician or clergyman) who substitutes temporarily for another member of the same profession

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This can be attributed to cost-effectiveness for employers and an increase in the number of physicians choosing to work as locum tenens due to short-term assignments, flexible schedules, and varied clinical experience
Primary care physicians were the leading locum tenens choice by specialty, with 43.
Primary care remained top locum tenens specialty in 2016 White numbers indicate specialty's overall rank that year.
These conditions lend themselves to more locum tenens capacity.
Rather than have a 40-hour-a-week job with regular on-call hours, a locum tenens could limit himself to working a week or two a month.
whether the signatures of the former prime minister and locum tenens are genuine.
Pachomious has drawn overwhelming approval during his tenure as locum tenens.
After obtaining her medical license in California, she worked as a Locum Tenens in both primary care as well as Occupational and Correctional Medicine until illness forced her to retire although she always maintained the desire to return to practice.
I have since taken locum tenens jobs in rural Washington, on the Navajo and Zuni reservations in New Mexico, and at a struggling community hospital in Burien, a suburb of Seattle.
Law has worked for CHG for nearly 20 years, serving most recently as president of the locum tenens division.
Locum tenens positions, which were once mainly occupied by retired part-time radiologists, have become attractive to junior radiologists.
At times, due to staff shortages, a GP may be seconded as a locum tenens at a greater rate of pay than his hospital colleague, who may have a greater degree of experience in this area.
Locum tenens or temporary positions have been an option for many, according to Phil Miller, a spokesman for Merritt, Hawkins & Associates, a physician search firm based in Irving, Tex.
Men are more likely to be employed as administrators, managers, chief technologists, locum tenens or commercial representatives.
Advanstar Medical Economics (AME; Montvale, NJ), the largest independent medical publisher in the United States and a division of Advanstar Communications (New York), has launched a new publication and website targeting locum tenens (LT) physicians.