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a small cavity or space within an organ or in a plant or animal


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A transverse incision is made over the swelling parallel to the mandible, where the intraoperative findings was that of superficial cystic swelling with few loculi over the muscle layer of the mylohyoid and the anterior belly of the digastric with few finger-like extensions between the muscle planes.
(4) Bezoars may demonstrate low signal intensity on T1, T2 and fat-suppressed T2 images owing to interspersed air loculi, or they may show high signal intensity on T1- and T2-weighted images because of food debris and water within the bezoar.
Cut surface of specimen showed multiple loculi with varied appearance and thinned out wall at some places with intervening thickened areas at others (Fig 1).
Venter with abundant multilocular disc-pores, mostly with 5 loculi, present on all abdominal and thoracic segments and laterad to mouthparts.
The Roman catacombs together hold an estimated half million tombs, and that of St Callixtus is one of the largest complexes of interlinking underground caverns, where the more noticeable graves were simple shelf graves called loculi and a series of monumental burial chambers called cubicula.
--A rare oligocystic (macrocystic) variant of SCA is composed of fewer but larger loculi and lacks the central stellate scar (Figure 13).
The other theory of development of the mastoid air cell system suggests that the precursors of the mastoid cells are present at birth as periantral, mesenchyme-filled loculi that are visible on histologic sections.
I am currently developing a gynoecium web page that will examine the problem areas of ovary superior/inferior, number of carpels, number of loculi, etc.
The arch-headed niches that Soane employs in the three pedimented projections of the Wimpole building are reminiscent of the loculi found in ancient columbaria, a motif that Soane had used in the deep plinths to the pyramidal extremities of the King mausoleum.
Together, the tombs housed 434 loculi for corpses, eight niches for cinerary urns, and three sarcophagi.
The diverticulum is dissected from the surrounding tissues and if loculi containing urine, purulent material, or necrotic debris are present, these too are excised.