locomotive engineer

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the operator of a railway locomotive

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He was a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and the Knights of Columbus.
John Hankey a historian and one-time locomotive engineer said The railroad was a reliable efficient high-capacity all-weather and democratic mode of transportation.
Llangollen Railway's chief locomotive engineer, Dave Owensaid the job was the most ambitious repair ever undertaken at the railway workshops.
As a locomotive engineer for 39 years, I couldn't help but write.
He thought he was the world's best poet, farmer, locomotive engineer.
Six BNSF employees were honored as Safety Employees of the Year for outstanding contributions in support of an injury- and accident-free workplace; Lanny Billings, locomotive engineer, from Spokane, Wash.
To ensure that they were built in time a locomotive engineer and I would travel every two weeks to monitor progress and iron out any problems.
Addressing the antecedents of the incident, MMA said in its statement: "Early reports indicate that the train was stopped and tied down by the locomotive engineer at 11:25 PM on the mainline at Nantes, a station approximately 6.
There's always a possibility of a train coming," said Larry Stokes, NS locomotive engineer.
William Mosier worked as a locomotive engineer and retired from Southern Pacific after more than 41 years.
George Stephenson's growing success as a locomotive engineer meant that he could afford to pay for Robert to have a private education.
As a locomotive engineer on the Fremont and Elkhorn Railroad, I always make sure the reverse is in neutral when I leave the engineer seat.
Union members also sanctioned a comprehensive change to SEPTA's locomotive engineer instructor program in which the union's SEPTA general committee of adjustment is contractually involved in the program's design.
Walt Webster is a retired UP locomotive engineer, and after 37 years in the railroad industry he has started to work with Operation Lifesaver to educate people about safety along the rails.