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In addition to delivering a new agency desktop, AXESS has also partnered with Travelport to launch a new business travel management solution, powered by Locomote technology, to meet the needs of the Japanese business traveller.
Increased ownership stake in Locomote On October 8, 2015, we increased our shareholding in Locomote from 49% to a majority ownership stake of 55%.
The ability to locomote in live conditions through unpiggable pipe challenges with back-to-back bends, constricting plug valves, vertical climbs, mitered bends and low flow are a key advantage the Explorer range of untethered platforms holds.
George Stephenson appears as if he has had a premonition about Dr Beeching, or has just heard that Locomotion has once again failed to locomote.
The man directing the investigation of this police procedural is Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward), who runs a Highlands precinct of Scotland Yard so far off the beaten track that he has to locomote himself by seaplane.
In other words, since the trained runners elicit metabolic and neurological (as well as morphological) adaptations that are optimized for the task for which they train, when they locomote at speeds outside of the optimized range, constraints are greater.
Scher (2005a) found that night waking (measured both by actigraph and maternal report) was more frequent in 8-month-old infants who were able to locomote through creeping or crawling than those who were not yet able to locomote.
While the arms provide most of the power to locomote through the water, the flutter kick basically stabilizes the body position.
These "naked" snails continued to locomote and feed normally for several weeks after shell loss, with only a slight increase in size and change of color.
NEW BALL GAME--A hypothetical microswimmer composed of three rigid balls connected by telescoping rods (left) could locomote to the right by executing the shown cycle of rod extensions and retractions, theorists claim.
We have a Welsh Assembly Government in Cardiff, but the legislative machinery needed to locomote much of the executive's policy is in Westminster.
These blood flukes utilize homologous morphological features in different ways and different degrees to attach and locomote within their hosts.
In late January, the Amtrak Reform Council, established a few years ago to help Amtrak locomote entirely on its own steam, released a report projecting operating losses of $567 million in 2002.
This method allowed for the subject to locomote with symmetrical kinematics without providing any visual feedback or cueing associated with gait studies investigating interlimb symmetry and thereby minimizing supraspinal input into the motor system [44].
In the back gallery, a continuous fifteen-minute slide-show loop played such classics as Running Man (big-nosed figure locomotes forward step by clunky step) and The Airplane Trip (the plane crashes, slowly).