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machine stitch in which the top thread interlocks with the bobbin thread

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For instance Pakistan is already using computerised marking and grading systems and under-trimmer lockstitch machines.
Description of Goods Quantity Required 1 5 Threads overlock industrial sewing machine 01 2 Single needle lockstitch direct drive machine with needle positioner 04 3 Single needle direct drive auto lubricating lock stitch machine with UBT 01
KG II-41 Smyth Selects Zechini Gra-For as Global Distributor for Smyth F1088 II-41 Brother Industries to Consolidate Machine Tools and Industrial Sewing Machines Manufacturing Facilities II-41 Global Systems Group Takes Over Galkin Automated Products II-42 Juki to Manufacture Lockstitch Machines II-42 Brother Industries Collaborates with Pegasus Sewing Machine Mfg.
Pfaff: 3375 freely programmable CNC (computer numerical control) automatic lockstitch stitcher
00 M0650 62 for measurements of fiber optic lines multimodowych with connectors S960, F960Task 14 - Delivery of cellular convection dryerTask 15 - Supply of electromagnetic napownicyTask 16 - Delivery of two needle lockstitch machine.
The Brunswick Green fabric, made from high-density polyethylene that is UV stabilized to prevent degradation, is a monofilament and tape-knitted lockstitch construction that will not tear or fray if cut.
Kids will love sewing on this true lockstitch action and forward/reverse stitching machine.