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a worker in charge of a lock (on a canal)

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Thus under the head of pay of lockkeepers, it appears by abstract that the amount paid in 1845 was $627, whereas by reference to the accounts of the company it is found that the whole amount properly chargeable under this head is $7,801.
Redrow have a new deal available at their Lockkeepers Wynd development in Falkirk.
Lockkeepers Wynd in Falkirk, by Redrow Homes, has a peaceful canalside location and is only minutes from the town centre and a major retail park.
By the end of our journey in Le Mas d'Agenais after five days of glorious sunshine, we'd met French lockkeepers, British couples, a Dutch family, a touring cricket team from the Channel island of Alderney and a voluptuous French singer.
The canals of France are different to ours, they are wider and they often join the local rivers; the locks are lighter and most have lockkeepers, often women.
Everyone knows, for example, about the "water-level route" that invited New York to build the Erie Canal, but who knows where to find the detailed profile of that route, the lift of each lock, the revenue from tolls for a single year, expenses for lockkeepers (oil for locks
2) Lockkeepers and station agents were praised for their horticultural abilities -- it was not uncommon to find their names on the prize lists of local garden competitions--as well for their intricate garden designs: "Often the name of the station is marked out on the bank in coloured stones or in flowering plants; and the letters are cut out of the sod, and the borders so made are gay with flowers or green with vegetables.
Wojno President Summa Enterprise Group Friday, May 12th, 2006 11:30 Networking/12:00 Lunch Served/1:30 Adjourn Lockkeepers - 8001 Rockside Road - Valley View OH (1 mile east of I-77) Member: $25 with reservation/$35 without reservation Non-member: $40 with reservation/$50 without reservation SPONSORED BY: Cohen & Company