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Synonyms for lockkeeper

a worker in charge of a lock (on a canal)

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Jeff Horsnail has been nominated for best Lockkeeper 2010 - and I for one reckon he deserves to win.
You need two people: one steers while the other jumps onto the towpath to help the lockkeeper open the gates.
At Diglis, Worcester, the 1947 flood was the highest recorded in a lockkeeper record dating back to 1856.
Luckily you don't have to operate it, a lockkeeper guides you up the 20ft the water rises.
He is also behind the vuvuzela, using it to alert other boats and the occasional sleeping lockkeeper, to the African Queen's imminent approach.
Some of the other presentations in this first festival will be: Swan's Down, by the Dutch puppet theater company, Theater Terra, is a poetic and whimsically humorous fantasy about a small boy who lives with his lockkeeper father in a cottage on a canal bank and encounters tragedy.