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an acute and serious infection of the central nervous system caused by bacterial infection of open wounds


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He talks into the mouthpiece: doses, liquids versus capsules, the possible ramifications of lockjaw.
They include fever, headache, plus muscle stiffness in the arms, neck and back and in the jaw - hence the name lockjaw.
The plot centres on an inferno at struggling music venue the Lockjaw Club.
readable as lockjaw, as your shipwrecked dice, carry
Not that it mattered to Chris Eccleston's corrupt, dipso city councillor who, after managing to drink more than a cross-channel swimmer with lockjaw, had developed a case of the vodka sweats so severe that, even when indoors, he looked as though he'd been dipped in vaseline.
Water that's too high and cold, or too low and warm, gives salmon lockjaw.
Frazer and Walsh first conducted test tube experiments with emulsified olive oil and the toxins of the diphtheria germ and tetanus or lockjaw.
I also took Stelazine around this time but that gave me lockjaw so I had to take a drug to counter it.
Cuando se preparan para pasar la noche, su fe se pone a prueba cuando el Lockjaw resulta ser mas que un mito y ellos comprenden que los habitantes locales estan ocultando un secreto horroroso.
Grimsby duo The Departed and Demoraliser are touring together to promote a joint release on Lockjaw Records.
The study and its conclusions were widely reported in the media, under such headlines as "Alternative Medicines Sometimes Dangerous for Kids," undoubtedly conjuring up gruesome images of death from echinacea, renal failure from vitamin C, and lockjaw from homeopathic arnica.
QURsh bURGh thorouGHFare patHFinder FICKle loCKJAW AWNing doWNTown chiNTZ bar miTZVah rendeZVOus VOMit broOMStick circuMSPect SPLeen PLY moLYBDEmum inDEX EXQUisite
Two, if the establishment sides with the court in its decision to annul the creation of the judicial commission, finding it against the 'basic structure' of the constitution, then Pakistan may be caught in a constitutional lockjaw.
Shouldn't we keep lockjaw reins on the entire financial industry rather than listen to these "advisers" who caused us to snowmobile down that old icy slope?
There are some first-rate communicators among the Flat jockeys and, while some will scoff, I am of the opinion that Ryan Moore, Lockjaw himself, will in time prove to be among the best of them.