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the act of locking something up to protect it


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Typically, DBMS products use a locking mechanism to control access and modifications while ensuring data integrity.
on the packaging or the instruction sheets), or which have a locking post which measures over 1 1/4 inches in length, are not included in this recall.
The four important file-system-level integration requirements for NAS data sharing discussed in this article--filenames, attributes, locking, and security--are resolved via operating system capabilities (Unix and Windows/NT), rather than by the file sharing protocols (CIFS/SMB and NFS).
A poor choice of locking primitive can result in excessive overhead and poor performance under heavy load.
If a surveyor finds that any staff member does not have a key on his or her person, then special locking arrangements may be required.
The 6-foot x 10-millimeter locking cable (8161DPNK) offers a keyless, resettable combination, flexible steel cable for strong cut resistance and a mounting bracket.
Future Contract Opportunity: The SPS has an ongoing requirement for the manufacture, delivery and maintenance of locks (and ancillaries) for use in the incumbent locking systems.
Make sure the head of the screw fits into the locking groove of the pintle adapter.
All the machines work by first locking the moving platen onto the tiebars and then building clamp pressure with one or more short-stroke hydraulic cylinders.
Give them a small, locking file cabinet to store their ammunition or handgun.
Applying this technology when adapted as a primary locking device (the main security barrier of the safe, vault, or cabinet) is a tremendous challenge.
Procurement Execution Works Provide Inconsistent Closing 11 Stores in Arad - Otherwise Executed, as Follows: - Locking Storage Arad Nonconforming Street Field of Silence - Locking Storage Nonconforming Arad, Street Poet - Locking Storage Nonconforming City Chisineu-Cris - Locking Storage Nonconforming City Ineu - Locking Storage Nonconforming Nadlac - Locking Storage Nonconforming City Sebis - Locking Storage Nonconforming City Garden - Fixes - Locking Storage Pancota- City Inconsistent Remedies - Locking Storage Nonconforming Pecica - Fixes - Locking Storage Santana- City Inconsistent Remedies - Locking Storage Nonconforming City Barzava - Fixes Estimated Value Excluding Vat Is Au 6,029,113.
Because of manufacturing problems, locking bars for the backup iron sight (BUIS) for the M16A4 rifle and M4/M4A1 carbine are breaking.
The second group consists of four high-pressure locking cylinders, each located in the base plate of the moving platen, coaxially surrounding a tiebar.
However, the biometric deadbolt lock features a battery powered locking mechanism that is activated when the homeowner swipes his or her finger across the integrated AuthenTec FingerLoc fingerprint sensor.