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a fee charged for passage through a lock in a canal or waterway

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a system of locks in a canal or waterway

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passage through a lock in a canal or waterway

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Smith, Sweeney, and Campbell (2009) developed a more detailed simulation model that incorporates time-varying dynamics of traffic and lockage operations on the UMR.
A lockage operation consists of a vessel entering the lock chamber, having the water level raised or lowered as needed, and then exiting the chamber.
Four dancers will develop themes of trading spaces and jumping in "Lockage," to a choral composition by Eugene composer Matthew Svoboda.
Imposing user fees high enough to recoup both types of costs, through raising fuel taxes, imposing charges for lockage, or imposing fees based on shipment weight and distance traveled, could reduce the deficit by $204 million in 1997 and $2.4 billion through 2002, the agency claims.
There are no lockage fees or tolls, but barge operators pay fuel taxes targeted at new construction.
When completed in 1993, the new lock will allow multiple-barge tows to traverse the dam without splitting up, decreasing average lockage time from 13 hours to two hours and ending a big traffic bottleneck.
Lawrence Seaway reported 81,581 tonnes (80,296 long tons) of new cargo (approximately one-half of which was domestic short sea freight) during the first three months of 2005 as a result of reductions in lockage fees on the Welland Canal (Canadian Transportation Logistics 2005).
The bulk commodity market, although already existing, requires revitalization through promotion of smaller quantity shipments, including reduced lockage fees for small vessels, development of efficient tug/barge combinations (including converting older ships to barges), and improved transshipment connections in ports.
In 2017, the Canal & River Trust charity recorded a total 3.8 million lockages, across 1,586 working locks, dotted along the 2,000 miles of waterways in England and Wales cared for by the Canal & River Trust.
The busiest lock again last year was Hillmorton Lock on the Oxford Canal but coming a close second, with 8,831 lockages, was New Marton Lock on the Llangollen Canal.