lock washer

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washer that prevents a nut from loosening

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You will also need two hexagon head screws, NSN 5305-00-685-3511, and two lock washers, NSN 5310-01-433-0941.
Adapter Sleeve H 211 With Lock Nut And Lock Washer, Adaptor Sleeve H-3140 With Lock Nut And Lock Washer, Adapter Sleeve H-311 With Lock Nut And Lock Washer, Adapter Sleeve H-320 With Lock Nut And Lock Washer, Adapter Sleeve H3134 With Lock Nut & Lock Washer, Sleeve H-3136 Adapter Sleeve H-3136 With Lock Nut& Lock Washer
On the right side, insert one hexagon head screw, NSN 530500-685-3511, with a lock washer, NSN 5310-01-433-0941, through the lanyard tab and pintle lock and into the pintle.
Each company key is fitted to a Smart Key, which has steel rings that lock into a color-coded housing with a customized lock washer.
To secure the blades in place, a front blade lock settles into the top of the 7075 aircraft aluminum ferrule and a rear blade lock uses a quick-change nik lock washer to secure the back of the blades for durability.
Tony worked for over thirty years at Standard Lock Washer and Manufacturing, where his took great pride in what he did.
will have operations throughout the United States, will provide a responsive and knowledgeable quality fastener solution to customer needs and provide the support to introduce the revolutionary Tiger-Tight locking washer - the domestically fabricated lock washer that really holds without loosening and does not destroy the surface material to which it is holding.
If you find a loose bolt, replace both the lock washer, NSN 5310-01-457-3292, and the bolt, NSN 5306-01-185-7048.