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enclosure consisting of a section of canal that can be closed to control the water level


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Ohio River navigation will make history when Olmsted Lock & Dam replaces the deteriorating locks and dams 52 and 53 with twin 1,200-ft lock chambers and metal wickets.
This is a unique opportunity to walk along the bottom of the drained lock chamber.
ij]--x-coordinate of ship i placed in the lock chamber at the stage j, and [x.
River lock chambers on Danube have the variety of usable widths.
WATERY WAYS: You enter through a replica lock chamber complete with running water when you visit the National Waterways Museum in Gloucester.
On the looping Tennessee that first aims southwest, then due west and finally north to the Ohio, we pass into a lock chamber at Muscle Shoals that drops the boat 94 feet.
Two inspection options are available for inspecting the valve structure: namely, a wet or diving condition and a dry condition where the valve is locally dewatered or bulk headed to isolate it from the lock chamber water.
Next weekend visitors will have the chance to venture into the bottom of a drained lock chamber at Camden, with this site being chosen as it is the 200th anniversary of the start of construction of the Regent's Canal.
A WINDLASS is used to work the paddle gear on locks, which allows water to either empty or fill the lock chamber.
Already widely used on 300mm deposition and etch process tools, Chambergard fast vent diffuser technology has been shown to reduce the time required to vent the load lock chamber by 65 percent on installed 200mm tools, while offering a significant improvement in particle reduction.
Assembly and installation as well as adjustment and Commissioning of the new LED signal systems Delivery, installation of a fiber optic ring bus system for the lock chamber with connection of the central control unit in the operating building (lock
It will also install a new lock chamber, lock gates and a canal boat landing stage and vehicle bridge.
When a main chamber on the Ohio River fails, all traffic must use an auxiliary lock chamber instead.
Now the remains of the device comprise only the lock chamber without its gates, the dock and thewarehouse with its wooden dockside platform and awning.
This is achieved by maintaining high vacuum in the bonder chamber at all times by means of a secondary load lock chamber and by heating the vacuum chamber walls to reduce the effect of outgassing during wafer bonding.