lock away

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Synonyms for lock away

place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape

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As presented, "Biological Hot Spots: Ocean eddies may not always lock away carbon" (SN: 5/1,9/07, p.
KEEN horticulturists were today warned to lock away expensive equipment to thwart a recent surge in thieves targeting sheds and garages.
Put a fence around garden ponds, lock away garden tools and repair any gaps in the main fence.
One evening, she neglects to lock away a couple of family treasures--a bejeweled scepter and a crystal skull--and in the light of morning, she discovers the scepter has been stolen by her ne'er-do-well cousin.
If, by labeling someone an enemy combatant, the President can lock away that person without an opportunity to be heard before a judge, then nothing prevents the government from detaining any one of us, indefinitely and incommunicado.