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a long narrow inlet of the sea in Scotland (especially when it is nearly landlocked)

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Scottish word for a lake

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As part of this study, a pink dye will be placed in the river upstream from where it enters the loch, and it will be regularly monitored over the following 24 hours using samplers, which will be placed on rafts.
Loch Lomond took control for the remainder of the first half proving lethal in the D.
The sighting reportedly prompted speculation that the Loch Ness monster relocated from River Ness in Scotland to China's south-western waters.
The contribution to Visit Inverness Loch Ness is in addition to these community funds.
Bioanalytical Systems Inc (BASi) (Nasdaq:BASI) announced on Tuesday that it has appointed Alan Loch as director of Business Development.
Former fisherman Keith Stewart was scanning the floor of the loch, about nine miles from Inverness, when he spotted a strange shape.
The Lodge boasts modern, well-equipped accommodation with a range of rooms and suites overlooking the loch, offering stunning views and a dramatic setting in which to relax, unwind, forget the city and embrace the most breathtaking scenery.
VisitScotland hopes the global initiative will heighten the pro-file of Loch Ness and Scotland.
Visit to Loch Fyne, the Kintyre Peninsula and the Isle of Bute
Some reports claimed he suffered cramp in his hindquarters, while others maintained the shadow thrown by the water jump confused Devon Loch as to whether there was another obstacle to be cleared.
When the tide comes in on the North Sea, 13 kilometers (8 miles) to the east of Loch Ness, the increased pressure on the seafloor deforms the Earth, a process called ocean tidal loading, Discovery News reported.
Yesterday afternoon the underwater loch search was complete with no evidence found of Mr Cooper's whereabouts.
The range draws inspiration from the well-respected Loch Fyne group of seafood businesses whose success is built on an honest approach to superb quality food.
On the first stage of our journey, we headed north on twisting roads along the banks of Loch Lomond.
Janet Mikhail, aged 61, Clare Eveleigh, 40, and her three-legged dog, Maggie Mae, all completed the trip around Loch Ness which raised over pounds 700 for the charity.