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a person who fixes the boundaries of land claims


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Key Words: Working length, apical constriction, electronic apex locator, digital radiographs.
Headquartered in Frisco, TX, DFW Apartment Nerdz is one of the areas fastest growing Free Apartment Locators in Dallas and is ran by Texas Real Estate Agent Chad Carter and operates under the Broker License of Tim Malone.
The proposed locator was fitted to a car which was moving around in a densely -settled area and then in an area with low population density.
In addition, enhanced Microsoft Bing map features were added, such as satellite and street views of a location, as well as filter selection options to increase the functionality of the locator.
TCS Family Locator utilises HTML5 services, including geo-location, CSS 3.
PocketFinder's Personal Locator provides real-time information that allows users to locate the devices online at any time from almost anywhere.
The Army has begun a repair program for both the AN/PED-3 (NSN 1240-01-5384212) and AN/PED-3A (NSN 1240-01-562-8083) target locators.
In addition, from next month a mobile version of the locator will be available to users visiting Dennys.
Once the data is loaded into HSI's Worldwide Parts Locator Service, the client knows exactly which parts are in production and which parts are in the spare parts inventory.
Currently offered is AFAA's Pharmacy Locator (Public Health Initiative, PHI), which allows AFAA professionals to find and select a pharmacy online, where they can conduct free body fat tests, meet many potential clients and earn free CEUs.
Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU) has introduced the Kenan Revenue Locator, a software application that helps service providers identify and recover revenue leaks that, for the average carrier, can amount to 10 percent or more of total revenue.
PLAN TO SAVE THEM: Ben Dalton suggests a three-part strategy: "First, an effort would be launched to plan to tag all manatees" Boats registered in counties that border manatee habitats would be fitted with a manatee locator to pick up signals from manatee tags.
Sensing a need, Philips introduced the Magnavox Remote Locator.
Lexis-Nexis has modified its new on-line locator service after complaints that its disclosure of Social Security numbers could give subscribers access to confidential financial records.
AirCover Family Locator turns iPhone and Android phones into the ultimate family safety tool by sending location-based alerts that make it simple for families to automatically "check-in" when they have arrived at or left a destination.