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A locating ring's basic job function is to locate or align the orifice of the hot or cold sprue with the through hole in the machine's stationary platen.
The locating ring is usually in the center of the mold.
The outside diameter of an American standard locating ring is typically 3.990 in.
Elcombe's newest product is the Messenger Resident Locating System (Messenger RLS).
The exercises are not confined to locating only north, south, east, or west but also include northeast, northwest, and so on.
Finding specific businesses in the downtown area of a small town is not unlike locating stores in a shopping mall.
While these locators were effective in locating underground lines, they were so basic that an accurate locate was made possible more by an experienced operator than the equipment itself.
Along came contract line locating, which has alleviated a lot of wasted time, money and red tape.
Samuel Lanzafame, president of Central Locating Service, LTD, located in Syracuse, NY, says congested easements present another obstacle for locators.
Said Mcintosh, "People need to understand that line locating is not an exact science.
At this stage of the investigation, the collective ideas, contacts, and knowledge of the team members provide vital information for locating subjects.
The process of locating a ground fault usually relies on a visual inspection and a test procedure called the Murray-Loop test.
Because this method of locating ground faults uses operating power supply voltage, there is no need to isolate the coil from the power supply.
'The most significant improvement in locating equipment within the last five years is the ability to show continuous depth readings,' Berry said 'With this feature, the depth reading is continually displayed on the receiver while locating.
Berry said, 'Contract locating is a growing industry.