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to a restricted area of the body


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In one study, 3.3% of eyes undergoing 23-gauge vitrectomy experienced transient hypotony on first post-operative day.6 In another study, 66 eyes were operated with 23-gauge vitrectomy, out of which post-operative hypotony occurred in 2 eyes.7 Frequency of post-operative hypotony is 3.3%.6 Unlike internationally made sophisticated instruments, we use locally made re-usable and cost-effective instruments in our setup, therefore we assume that there may be higher frequency of hypotony in our clinical practice.
Catamaco added that by buying locally milled rice, Filipino farmers will be assured of income amid the influx of cheap imported rice in the market because of the Rice Tarrification Law.
In 2016, the motoring firm launched the first ever locally assembled German car in Kenya, the Volkswagen Polo Vivo.
Celerant's solutions- Cumulus Retail, an affordable and powerful point of sale and eCommerce solution for small businesses; and Stratus Enterprise; a comprehensive retail commerce software with high-end capabilities- both integrate with Locally. Through the integration, available inventory data is automatically sent from Celerant's point of sale to Locally.
Herfort, Hofmann, and Russo deal with periodic locally compact groups, specifying that a locally compact group is periodic if there are no non-singleton connected subspaces in it, and if every element in it is contained in a compact subgroup.
'If this relaxation cannot be provided, then at least the difference in taxes on imported LPG and locally produced LPG should be eliminated so that the local producers can enjoy a level playing field,' it added.
On month on month basis, local tractor production reduced by 35.27 percent in month of February, 2019 as 6,543 tractors were produced locally as compared the production of 31,879 units of same month of last year, it added.
THE Vietnamese Ministry of Finance has asked the government to amend its laws to eliminate the special consumption tax on locally manufactured auto parts and components, a move which could reduce prices of locally assembled cars.
THE Nisa Local store in Prior Deram Walk, Coventry, has donated PS300 to Canley Community Centre through Nisa's Making a Difference Locally charity, which helped to fund a children's Christmas party for the local community last month.
Auto Business News-January 7, 2019--BMW India to locally assemble X4 and X7
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 7, 2019--BMW India to locally assemble X4 and X7
The market's wellness area is dedicated for sustainable living and features beauty and home products made locally and with minimal impact on the environment.
The import of concrete blocks and bricks for construction of public infrastructure has reportedly continued despite a standing government order that requires government agencies and public corporations to use locally produced blocks.
A jockey rides two bulls with a cart during the bull race locally called "pacu jawi" in Pariangan of Tanah Datar regency in West Sumatra.
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