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a determination of the place where something is

(physiology) the principle that specific functions have relatively circumscribed locations in some particular part or organ of the body

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Maria Kania-Tasak, the Manager of the Women in Localization Catalunya Chapter, goes on to state, "When I first joined the global organization of Women in Localization and saw that they were networking, supporting each other and hosting thought-provoking professional events in California, I felt that our Catalan region could definitely use something similar.
Through the use of the Localization Studio application, which is an implementation of the automated approach to localization, the team has managed to complete the localization project for the customer.
Breast Localization Wire industry development proposals and marketing channels are analyzed.
Rebecca Ray, Global Business Editor for the Globalization Insider, a monthly publication from LISA (The Localization Industry Standards Association, a nonprofit professional association based in Geneva, Switzerland), echoes Talbot, adding that companies should treat internalization not merely as a feature, but as an architecture.
Tim Altanero, an associate professor of foreign languages and the program director (and founder) of Austin Community College's localization program, answers, "It is important because the Internet has made distance irrelevant, bringing people of different cultures and languages into immediate and direct contact.
10] Duh et al developed a mathematical model for the surgical treatment of primary hyperparathyroidism and reported that the risk of missing an adenoma on unilateral exploration is only 2% when the surgeon uses a preoperative localization study that has a sensitivity of at least 80%.
The Localization Tools Suite places special emphasis on eliminating those errors created by code set challenges.
Louisiana-Pacific, a Stage I exporter, is taking its first tentative steps toward localization by determining the needs of its Japanese customers.
The event will feature mentoring opportunities across a variety of functional areas, and Women in Localization is seeking professional mentors with 10+ years' localization industry experience and a willing heart.
is a privately-held translation agency and localization services company offering high quality multi-lingual services.
Thomas Haeussler, president of SDL Japan KK, a specialist localization firm with 33 offices worldwide, agrees that Japanese companies have become prodigious users of localization technologies.
Technology Leaders in IT, HR, Manufacturing and Globalization Industries Address CSOFT's Global Team on Pricing, Localization Best Practices and Content Management
SAN FRANCISCO, June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Women in Localization, the leading professional organization for women in the localization industry, is delighted to announce the launch of their first international chapter.
As a seasoned leader in the localization industry, he has worked with global clients such as Apple, General Electric, SAP Business Objects and LinkedIn.
a leading provider of multilingual localization, testing, and outsourced software development for the global market, announced today the official launch of L10NWorks, a website where users can benefit from a large collection of localization engineering tools, share technology solutions, and readily access industry news.