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Synonyms for locality

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Synonyms for locality

a particular geographic area

a surrounding site

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Synonyms for locality

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-- Not an employee of the Ministry of Local Government, public security forces, locality or advocate of the locality, head or member of a locality council (unless resignation is provided).
The locality Palak (33o32.85'N and 73o75.45'E) of zone B, having similar topographic and habitat features of Rahra locality; however it has less human settlement.
They said the government has no time to pay attention to the civic issues of the locality. However, Dua Bhutto assured them that PTI would not leave them alone and Haleem Adil Sheikh would continue to get the civic problems of the locality on self-help basis.
The residents thanked PTI leadership for starting pumping out of gutter water on self-help basis whereas MPA Dua Bhutto assured the resident that party would continue to get the civic problems of the locality on self-help basis.
Commenting on the launch of this new feature, Sumit Jain, Co-Founder & CEO, CommonFloor, said, "After the successful launch of Live-in Tours feature, Locality Virtual Tour is yet another add-on to simplify the property search process and empower the customer's with better information about the locality.
ANF also recovered street-supply drugs and apprehended 18 drug addicts and completely wiped out crime locality.
Plotting the type locality data on the paleogeographic base maps showed strong temporal and geographical biases.
Sub - Locality: Point/ Boundary on Map consisting of Sub - Locality, Locality, City and State Name.
Desmodus rotundus--Specimens examined: locality 46 (1, CRD 2954); locality 51 (1, CRD 2820); locality 55 (7, CRD 1897, 2198-2202, TTU 81587).
Specimens that were distributed to collections around the world in the early 20th century are generally labeled Tetjuche (the Chinese name for the locality at that time), not Dalnegorsk.
This study aimed to know the degree of superstitious beliefs among working women in East-Nile locality. The study also aimed to know the different degrees of superstitious beliefs among those women according to variables: (age, marital status, place of birth, educational level, and the professional group).
In Kirkwood Glass, the taxpayer argued that the scheme still violated the Commerce Clause because a purchase made from an out-of-state vendor still could be taxed at a higher rate than a similar purchase made from an in-state vendor in a Missouri locality other than the taxpayer's locality.
At the upstream end of the section, hard, very fossiliferous glauconitic sandstone forms a shoal across the channel (Locality 1).
Hall, "A United People?: Leaders and Followers in a Chartist Locality, 1838-1848"
In a study examining the rate of government mortgage utilization by locality (measured by the number of mortgages received for home purchase in the locality divided by the number of households in the locality), the authors found that despite the lack of security stemming from the Palestinian intifada, mortgage utilization in Jewish localities in the occupied territories was higher than in Israel proper.