local oscillator

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an oscillator whose output heterodynes with the incoming radio signal to produce sum and difference tones

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A system to produce optical mm wave and low bandwidth intensity modulator is used with low frequency local oscillator [15].
6 GHz to 40 GHz and for a constant 36 GHz local oscillator frequency, at different power values of the input signal -10 dBm [less than or equal to] [P.
The flow diagram shown in figure 2 is missing a low pass filter between the RF antennae stage and the local oscillator stage.
Here the signal is converted back from digital to analog form using a digital-to-analog converter, upconverted to the appropriate RF by mixing with a local oscillator, amplified and retransmitted.
5-GHz frequency range and a 250-MHz analysis bandwidth, two one-slot downconverters, a two-slot local oscillator with a 3-GHz to 10-GHz frequency range, an attenuator/pre-selector that provides a 100-kHz to 26.
The input signals: local oscillator differential signals, differential I and Q signals
The pulse train may be subjected to filtering or [TABULAR DATA OMITTED] limiting before passing into a mixer for combination with a stable local oscillator and down-conversion to the baseband.
The vBUC is capable of using an external or optional internal reference signal to phase lock the local oscillator, and is available with a variety of input power options: via IFL, 24 or 48 VDC or via an optional AC Power Supply.
544 MHz, and 10 MHz/1 pps), leaving the local reference oscillator free-running; and the analog loop-steering mode, where the local oscillator is driven to produce a jitter-free clock with high-frequency accuracy.
A new local oscillator (LO) doubler module has been introduced that covers the 3.
A voltage regulator is also included in the ZXNB4204 both to power internal circuits and to supply additional LNB components such as the IF gain stages and local oscillator.
Both series incorporate a shared local oscillator architecture to achieve better than 0.
Such characteristics make it suitable for a range of applications including low jitter local oscillator substitution, radar signal simulation and as a reference source for phase noise measurements.
5 GHz with an IQ bandwidth of up to 15 MHz, while the single slot 3010 module provides a low noise, frequency agile local oscillator input.
The extremely low phase noise of the R&S FSWP local oscillator, coupled with cross-correlation, even makes it possible to easily measure signal sources that in the past required complex test setups.
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